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Mezco Toyz, Toy Fair 2019: Marvel, Horror, & "The Warriors"!

As always Mezco Toyz had some amazing toys on display at Toy Fair 2019. With comic books, horror, and The Warriors (above) on display, is there any wonder why I love their product so much? The following are just some of my personal favorite upcoming and currently available figures from them.


I actually just saw "Captain Marvel" this past Saturday and quite enjoyed it. Brie Larson is a hottie! 

 This Michael Myers from "Halloween II" is probably my favorite from their entire booth. I will have to get and review, him!

 I recently reviewed this Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th Part 3" here.
This King Kong is bigger than the one I reviewed recently!
 This Chucky, which has alternate parts for "Child's Play 2" & "3", will be coming in the mail for me. Expect a review shortly after it does!

 I don't buy "Living Dead Dolls". but I might need to change that for the Sabrina from "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina". She is AWESOME!