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Horror Crush: Kristen Hager

With The Predator, one of my most hotly anticipated movies of the year, coming out next month, on September 14, I thought this be a great time to show some love for the one of my favorite franchises, Predator! Today that love will be directed towards the gorgeous Kristen Hager, the latest induction into the Horror Crushes section!
Kristen Hager was born on January 2, 1984 (34 years old) in Red Lake, Ontario. She began her acting career in television. But, the first time that I saw her was in 2007's Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem.
A sequel to 2004's Alien Vs. Predator, AVPR is actually the superior movie of the two franchise crossover movies. AVP is honestly highly mediocre. Hampered by a shitty PG-13 rating, it is awful whenever the humans are onscreen but fun when the monsters fight. This sequel is kinda brain-dead, but it is mean-spirited and fun. Taking place immediately after the aforementioned movie, the Pred-Alien has chestbusted out of his way of a Predator. Fully grown he and his Xenomorph cohorts go on a killing and reproducing spree in a small town. One lone Predator leaves his home-world to eliminate the nasty, acid-bleeding, fuckers.
The movie, itself, is kind of underrated, I think. Now, by no means is it great. Most of the characters are slasher level/ cardboard thin. It also is way too darkly lit, where you do not see jack shit at times. However, I always have a blast watching it. There is some great gore and is wonderfully nasty. A kid gets killed and a pregnant chick is inseminated by the Pred-Alien making chesbusters (yes, plural) come out of her, instead of her expected baby.
Hager isn't really given much to do, except look good. She does this excellently, though and if there were awards for that she would surely have got a strong nomination in '07. Her scene where she tries to hook up with our lead in her undies is quite fetching. She has an amazing body, and I remember being blown away by her beauty and her butt.
But, if I liked her in AVPR, it is in the excellent North American series remake of Being Human from the SyFy Channel (2011-2014) that I fell in love with her. The series is about a trio of supernatural beings (a vampire, werewolf, and ghost) who live together. Hager plays Nora, who becomes the romantic interest and eventual couple of our werewolf hero, Josh.
Hager is wonderfully likable in this role. She adds a lot of pathos and heart to the story and her role. I loved her relationship with Josh. Of course, she also looks breathtakingly beautiful. I really and deeply miss this wonderful horror/ dramatic comedy series.
In 2012, she appeared in her next genre movie, the horror-comedy A Little Bit Zombie. I honestly have never heard, much less seen this one. However, it also stars the lovely Crystal Lowe (who perhaps should be added to Horror Crushes? What do you think?). If you have seen this one, please let me know your thoughts on in the comments section below.
Blonde, beautiful, and talented, Hager has been a favorite of mine since I first saw her. And, my fandom for her has only since grown. A wonderful actress, it is with great honor and joy that I add her to the Horror Crushes of this site! And, be sure to let me know if you are fan of hers in the comments section below!