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Ampütator- Deathcult Barbaric Hell [Vinyl Reissue] (Album Review)

Musicians: Ampütator
Album Title: Deathcult Barbaric Hell
Genre/ Subgenre: Black Metal
Label: Greyhaze Records
Release date: May 18, 2017

Ampütator are a black metal band from Rhode Island/ Connecticut. Deathcult Barbaric Hell is their debut album and was originally released in 2007 on CD and cassette. On May 18 of this year, it was released and remastered for on vinyl by Greyhaze Records.

Right from the get go you realize that this band is true old school black metal. The influence of bands like classic Emperor and Darkthrone dominates the sound and feel of the music and album throughout. The consistent and almost droning blast-beat drumming is accompanied by saw like guitars and inhuman/ demonic vocals.

The album opener ''Rape Kill Annihilate'' rips from the very intro with a chainsaw sound that cuts right through the bone. The brutal blast-beats further decimate the listener. The screams of a dying pig go right into the fast and savage ''Gutterslut'', which is unrelenting its musical assault. There is almost catchy Venom-esque intro to ''Obliteration'' which heads straight into furious Darkthrone territory. Then there is the absolute killer and battering cover of the classic Repulsion track ''Slaughter of the Innocents''. It showcases the band's influences beyond Norwegian black metal. The pummeling ''With Hate'' seethes with just that as it features an angry and cold wall of brutality. ''Extinction Deathmarch'' is a blast of freezing and evil air that is filled with detest and viciousness. Brutal and face slicing annihilation mixes with some chilling riffing in ''Complete Butchery''. This, my favorite track on the album, will make you feel as if a butcher is hacking and slashing your face and body to bloody bits with an evil and uncompromising sound.

While the album, as I mentioned before is remastered, it still maintains a very dirty and low-fi sound to it. This brutal and raw black metal style is for those who wish they could go back to the glory days of the second wave of the sub-genre, when Norway ruled with pure evil. The lyrics and themes are more gore and death obsessed than those bands, were but the sound and musical style completely recall that era. As such, it doesn't break any new ground but honestly there in lies the appeal. If you crave those glory days and love vinyl, then dig right fucking in.

You can order the record, available in black and color, here: https://store.greyhazerecords.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=466

3 out of 5