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Galactic Empire- 8/6/17- Webster Hall: The Final Shows

One August 18, 2017, I attended two of the last two metal shows from the final shows at Webster Hall, before it would go on to close, just a few days later, for restoration. I already talked about the other show, that I attended that day, Eyes Set To Kill. Now, it's time to take a trip to a long time ago (more like a few weeks ago) in a galaxy far, far away (well not far at all, you're from NYC), when I saw the mighty and fearful power of the Galactic Empire!
Galactic Empire, as the name would suggest, are a Star Wars tribute heavy metal band. They adopt songs from John Williams classic score into technically savvy metal music. The band members all wear Star Wars' members of the Galactic Empire (duh) and bad guy cosplay. They are: Boba Fett on drums, while Darth Vader, an Imperial Guard, Stromtrooper, and a Death Trooper all shred on guitars (they have three guitarists, alla Iron Maiden) and bass.
The concert is a shit load of fun, as they adopt the aformentioned music into metal in a very energetic and ass kicking manner. The fast and highly technical style is even more impressive (or should I say ''Impressive. Most impressive!) when you take into account the outfits that they have on.
Adding to the fun, is Lord Vader who talks before the songs introducing them. He'll say hilarious stuff, that only fellow Star Wars geeks will fully get, like, ''This song is about my love for Padme and hatred of sand.'' or ''This song is about that time that teddy bears beat the Empire.'' He also force chocked someone on stage, among other cool stuff that is inspired by the franchise happened onstage.
In all, this was the perfect, for us geeky headbangers to bid farewell to Webster Hall. Galactic Empire kick a ton of ass (and if you're Rebel scum, then you really best beware!). Fellow fans of metal and Star Wars, I implore you to check them out, or I maybe be forced to tell the Emperor on you! And, you don't wanna piss that dude off believe me!
In all seriousness, thank you Webster Hall for all the memories, this version of you will be missed.