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The 20 Hottest Women of GLOW Wrestling, Part 2, 10-1

10. Sally the Farmer's Daughter- Yet, another Farmer's Daughter. But, Sally was always my favorite of the three.

9. Ashley Cartier- Redhead rich, good girl Ashley Cartier was a frequent tag team partner to one of the companies' most popular girls, and future WWE star, Tina Ferrari. Ashley was classy, gorgeous, and a freaking redhead!! You gotta love redheads!

8. Broadway Rose- Broadway Rose was introduced later om in GLOW, to serve as Hollywood's new tag-team partner. She was also her ''cousin'' from NYC, hence the name and New York ''accent''. Breathtakingly, beautiful, had GLOW stayed around for more seasons, and had she been a part of those, she would surely have ranked higher, here.

7. Spanish Red- There weren't that many Latinas in GLOW, sadly, but thank God for Spanish Red! Sexy and beautiful, it was impossible to not be captivated by this muy caliente bad girl! Well, until she turned face towards the end of GLOW. Whether good or bad, she was definitely one of GLOW's best wrestlers!

6. Little Egypt- Holy crap! This tiny and sexy babe from "Alexandria, Egypt'' was, and still is (!), an incredibly beautiful babe. Her belly dance was HOT AF!

5. Colonel Ninotchka- The inspiration for Alison Brie's wrestling persona, Toya the Destroya, that her character chooses on the Netflix GLOW series, this beautiful and strong blonde baddie was one of my childhood crushes. The accent may have been fake, but it definitely contributed to my childhood/ early teen fantasies about Russian women. She was a great heel, and I also enjoyed her face turn. Even if I never understood why the face commentating put her character down, even after she had turned! Oh and that body of hers! Wow!

4. Vine- Hollywood's original tag team partner, Vine was a total babe! So good at being bad, she looked gorgeous and had a beautiful and captivating smile.

 3. Tina Ferrari- Quite possibly the most popular of all the GLOW good girls, Tina Ferrari was probably the best wrestler in the company. In fact, she would go to become Ivory in the WWF/ WWE, one of the best and most beautiful women in ALL of wrestling. I absolutely loved her in GLOW and probably loved her even more in her later wrestling career. A legend and true beauty, she is also the only former GLOW wrestler that I ever met. And, I can honestly say that she is very sweet and gorgeous as hell, in person.
2. Godiva- Dear God, how I ADORE Godiva! I was super in love with her as a kid. The blonde beauty had, in my humble opinion, the best body in GLOW. She was absolutely gorgeous, and STILL is (!), and that, albeit fake, British accent was HOT!! Plus, her gimmick was hot, naked, British girl on a horse! Seriously, how can one not love her?!
1. Hollywood- One of the most popular of all the GLOW girls, this sexy, bad girl from the ''streets'' of LA was one of my top crushes as a kid. Even though she was a heel she still did anti-drug PSAs, something the WWF sould certainly have not allowed their baddies to do. Anyway, getting back to what I said earlier, she was my dream girl and, at one point, was my favorite celeb babe. And, I know for a fact she was the dream girl of many other guys watching GLOW. Still to this very day, when I think of GLOW, she is one of the first girls to come to mind. For all these reasons, and more, she takes the top spot of this list!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list. And, be sure to check out the first half in the link below:
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