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Horror Crush: Erika Anderson

It's time to add another beauty to this site's Horror Crush section. That inductee is the stunning Erika Anderson!
Anderson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1963. She did some acting and modeling, but her breakthrough role came in 1989 when she starred in the movie most know her best from, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. The sequel, itself, is pretty uneven but is still enjoyable and shines when compared to the mediocre Freddy's Revenge and certainly better than the crappy remake or wretched Freddy's Dead.
Anderson plays the role of Greta, a beautiful teen whose mom wants her to be a model. As such, she is forced to be around industry people and be on a strict diet. Freddy turns this on her when she is force fed guts till she chokes on them. Sadly, this one of the movie's best and bloodiest kills, is butchered in the readily available R-cut. The unrated version, which was only on VHS and lasersdisc and never DVD or Blu-ray, shows the death in all of it's gory glory. Anderson, herself, is good and likable in this role, even if this isn't the meatiest (pun intended) role.
The uncut version of the kill can be seen below:

A year later, in 1900, she appeared on one of the greatest cult shows of all time: Twin Peaks. Her role was of actress Selena Swift who stars as Jade and Emerald in the soap opera Invitation to Love, which is watched by various characters on David Lynch's classic series. This is a fun, little role for her to play.
The final horror related thing she did was in 1992, the TV horror/ thriller: Quake. The story is simple enough, whacked out neighbor Kyle (Steve Railsback) kidnaps sexy lawyer, Jenny (Anderson), after she is knocked out thanks to a devastating earthquake. He holds her captive, and she has to escape.
I remember very little of this film, other than I only saw it cause of my crush on Anderson. I also recall that the acting was pretty good, but then Railsback is always great. And, Anderson, by this point, proved that she was more than just a pretty face. I also remember enjoying the movie, quite a bit, even though Fangoria had given it a less than good review. At least, I vaguely remember their review to be that.
I had the pleasure of meeting her at the last Saturday Nightmares that was ever held, in a convention style capacity in 2011. It is also the only one of that con, that I ever went to. Anyway, she was very sweet, and tall, in person and still stunningly beautiful. I was so happy to have met one of my big childhood crushes!
Anderson is so stunningly gorgeous! Her tall and statuesque physique is breathtaking. It is capped off by her beautiful face and gorgeous smile. She was one of my biggest crushes growing up and with good reason. With this all being said, it is my honor to induct her into Horror Crushes (on a side note, Anderson is the third AONES girl to be inducted, the other two Elm Street alumni being Jennifer Rubin and Brooke Thesis)!