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Horror Crush: Brooke Butler

The summer heat is in full effect, and I am about to turn up the temperature even further with the latest addition to Horror Crushes: blonde beauty, Brooke Butler!
Butler was born on January 27, 1989 in Woodinville, Washington. She would eventually go on to pop on some TV shows and did some shorts, before appearing in the first movie that I saw her in Lucky McKee and Chris Siverston's All Cheerleaders Die (2013). One of my favorite horror flicks of the last couple of years, I've already watched it a couple of times, already. This tale of hot high school cheerleaders coming back to life after an accident is fun, sexy, gory, smart, and funny. The solid script is further augmented by the unknown cast's excellent acting.

One of four sexy zombies, Butler plays bubbly and sexy, and now undead, cheerleader Tracy Bingham. Butler is super likable in the role and a lot of fun to watch. She manages to be funny, sympathetic, and sexy as fucking hell! She looks great in her undies and, of course, her cheerleader outfit. And, it is very important to note that she has an ass to freaking die for!

She also has a hot lesbian make-out session and, a little later, tryst with gorgeous lead Caitlin Stasey. While, it feature no nudity, both moments are super sexy and actually work well within the film's plot, making it more than just pointless or cheap exploitation. They are handled with a deft and mature manner by it's directing duo. But, then McKee has always been great at writing and showcasing female characters.
Unfortunately, that is the only movie, that I have ever seen her in. As I did research for this article I found that she had done two other horror movies. As always, if any of you have seen them, comment below with your thoughts. The first of those is 2015's The Sand. The plot description of something living in the beach sand and killing people reminds me of 80's Jaws rip-off Blood Beach. This flick does feature Butler in her bikini, as well as, one of my favorite favorite centerfolds, Nikki Leigh, nude. So, that has to be worth something right?
At the time of this writing, the last horror movie she appeared in was last year's The Remains. It seems to be a ghost/ possession story. Those can types of movies can be questionable in quality. But, Butler is second billed, so it might be worth seeing, right?

Butler is absolutely gorgeous. She has the blonde that everyone and anyone would fall in love with look down to a natural science. Her gorgeous face, sexy lips, beautiful eyes, hot body, and truly spectacular butt are what dreams are made of. But, she also has solid acting chops. She is underrated and needs to be talked about more, especially by us, horror fans. As such, here is hopping this write-up will cause some talking and get her more love from all of you. And, with that all being said, I proudly induct Brooke Butler into Horror Crushes!