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Radomness: Upcoming Events, I'll be at and Some Trailers

Think of this as one of those times, I that I have a couple of things that I wanna talk about. So, I made a post to cover it all, rather quickly.

First off next week, marks my return to my home away from home, Las Vegas, as well, as my return to the Adult Entertainment Expo (haven't been to either or since 2011). I will be covering it for this site. I have some really cool interviews set up, that I think you guys will love. That said, I will be really busy at and out of the show, with coverage for this site. I ain't sure how much time I'll have to enjoy Sin City, itself, probably not much. But, the show, itself, is hell of fun, and everything I have lined up is pretty freaking awesome. So, I'm very excited.
Kristine Rose, from my very first day, at my very first AEE back in 2011 when I covered was there covering it.

Next month, I will be at Toy Fair. Not sure what days yet, though, I have some vague ideas, but I'll be covering that, too. Toy Fair is always fun and considerably relaxed. No hot porn stars in short shorts, though.
Man, that pic is considerably different than the one above it! LOL!

And, some trailers, for your enjoyment:

Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead remains a terrifying, gore-drenched, unrated horror classic. Though, over-shadowed by it's amazing, first sequel, the original remains a solid and excellent exercise in unrelenting splatter. Baring that in mind, I had no desire to see the remake, much less since it has no Bruce Campbell. The first two trailers did shit to make me think differently, but low and behold the second red-band trailer comes out and my jaw drops. Now, I wanna see this fucker! It looks brutally serious and gory. Haven't seen the trailer or want to relive it? Here it is:

And, speaking of horror trailers, here is this random German one, I found the other night. The movie is called Cannibal Diner, and it really doesn't look very good. In fact, it looks like a cheap Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which reminds me, I've yet to see the new one, but with Vegas coming up not sure when I will...) rip-off. But, it does seem to be gory and have hot girls. Oh, and hot girls making out. That's always a plus. The Germans tend to do their gore real brutal and nasty in movies that are usually cheap and sleazy. So, there is a degree of curiosity in me. But, with A LOT of reserve and low expectations. Any thoughts?

Finally for those of you who demand more skin, I have the SFW trailer of to Sweet Sinner's The Stripper. It's couples porn starring the gorgeous Jennifer White playing a housewife who becomes a stripper to help the bad stituation that her and her dickhead hubby are in. Hey, it's porn with a current soci-political message for these bad economic times! It also has THE quote of the wk: "If your not gonna wear the pants around here, at least let me take mine off"


DrunkethWizerd said...

Cannibal Diner looks... tasty!

Giovanni Deldio said...

It does. The girls are hot!! So, I think it'll hopefully be a just turn off your brain and enjoy the boobs and blood flick.