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Jesse Jane & Asa Akira Seminar on the 2013 AVN Awards

I made my triumphant return to the Adult Entertainment Expo this past week arriving at Vegas on Thurs. As soon as I was done checking into my hotel and getting a quick bite to eat I headed out to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where the Expo, was held for the second year in a row.
As soon I got to the convention area, I saw the beautiful Asa Akira. She told me she was doing a seminar with Jesse Jane and to come see it. After, I checked in, to get my press pass, I did just that. The following is my first report from the con, since this is the first thing that I did, while being there.
Both of the girls looked stunning. Honestly, AVN made THE right choice by picking them, and while we are at it, I should mention that Asa would end up winning a shitload of awards, on Saturday's award show. I mean a ton! Anyways, back to what happened on Thurs, Jesse always comes off as so nice. Despite her huge name she's always so down to earth. I've been signing Asa's praises for ages here, so it goes without saying, for me, how nice, I think, she is.

One of the highlight's had to be Asa talking about her infamous appearance on TMZ, where she won best anal and thanked her asshole. Hey, like she said at the seminar, "Any publicity is good publicity!" Asa also mentioned that she thought that she would be up for best girl-girl for Asa Loves Girls. I gotta agree. I really thought it would be. But, alas, it wasn't, and I was really disappointed and surprised that it wasn't. Along with Dani it's one of the two best lesbian releases of last year. She wonders why her girl-girl stuff is never up for nominations. I do, too. AVN, please explain! I consider myself a fan, expert, and long time (since I could purchase porn) connoisseur of lesbo smut, and Asa is amazing in lesbian scenes!!

Anyway, another highlight had Jesse revealing that she he has a drawer filled with vibrators. She made it quite clear, that she has a lot, and I do mean A LOT of vibrators!

The following clips (actually two edited together) has both girls talking about being in the porn world for so long, shooting on a set, and more. It's good fun and shows off both girls' awesome personalities.