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How I Got a Keeani Lei Wallpaper

So, on Attack of the Show, sometime ago, I heard that that the I-Pad had an app to group peoples faces together. And, I was like, damn, there needs to be something like that for Windows. Well low and behold there is! And, that something I have actually been using for years, Picasa!!!!

It has an option to group pics of a person together, and then, you name that person. It quickly begins to sort pics of them. Pretty cool. I love using to sort out the pics, of myself, friends, celebs I met, and various porn/ celeb/ hottie pics I have found through the net.

But, the best part is that it can make a collage of the pics and a background of the person's pics of their face! And, while I have seen wallpapers of Keanni Lei, none were as good as the one it made for me! And, here it is:

If you want your own wallpaper (being Keeanni Lei or whatever chick you have lots of pics of in your hard drive), then use your damn Picasa! And, if you don't got it and wanna download it, go here: http://picasa.google.com/

Enjoy! And, if possible show me some of the wallpapers you made!

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