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Just Joined Tumblr!

Hey, dear readers and friends, I just joined Tumblr (http://mastergio.tumblr.com/), yesterday, after two twitter friends basically convinced me to do so (although it had run through my head for a couple of months, as something I might wanna do).

Anyways, check it out, and follow me back. I'll follow you back, if you do so. You can expect to have much type of stuff you have grown to love and expect here (babes, porn, metal, horror, etc.). I just started so it's only now taking shape. My last post was on the awesome melodic death metal act, Arsis. So, in many ways this is an extension of this blog (and my life, as well), as most of my social networking sites are.

Tell me your thoughts and what you wanna see, and whatnot. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, and for those of us stuck in this shitty winter, stay warm! :)

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