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Duff's Peter Steele/ Halloween Honoring/ Celebration 2010

This Sunday marked my first time not going to Chiller in ages. In fact, I cannot remember the last I did not go there. For those of you readers and friends, who were there, I would love to hear how it was. I hope you guys who went there had a great time.

Anyways, I went to THE greatest bar on God's green Earth on Halloween night: Duff's Brooklyn!!!! I had decided to spend my Halloween there, and when I heard that they were doing something special to honor Peter Steele, the late lead signer of the legendary goth metal band Type O Negative, I had to go there. He passed away earlier this year.

Anyways, I first needed a costume and after much consideration I came up with: Zombie Guido!! He once known as the G-Man, and he was quite the ladies man. But, one night a certain cast member of the Jersey Shore wanted some, "Smoosh, smoosh", but our hero (who can do so much better) refused and got his throat slit. But, he rose from the grave in search of GTL (gym, tan, and laundry) and human flesh! Yeah, in other words I had way to much spare time to come up with this! :P

Anyways, as I got there, at first I thought I was the only person who had a costume, but soon others joined in/ appeared. Bar tender Laurie Ann, aka LA, grew an eight pack (better than a six pack!) for the event. There were lots of cool costumes, but I have to say that my fav was this dude who came in as Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley! That's just so fucking cool, man!

As is always the case with Duffs I ran into people I already knew and made new friends.

This being a night for Peter Steele, their were some noteworthy people there, too. His sister was there as was former porn star, ex-ECW star Jasmine St. Claire.

Now, this was not the big tribute to Steele; they originally mentioned it to be. They ain't ready for that yet, but they played his music most of the night, and we, his fans, remembered his greatness. I had been a fan since I was a teen and read about them in metal mags. When, I saw the cover to Bloody Kisses I had to get. It remains one of my fav albums. I had the pleasure ot meet him at the old Duff's some years back, and he was a funny, nice guy. As I said before, it was so sad when he passed away. I think my friend said ii beat when I saw her in Vegas in July, and she called them life changing music. Amen, sister, amen.

Anyways, I had a great time, and I hope you had a great Halloween, too. Remember it only comes once a year (though for some of us it's Halloween year round, but you get the idea), so hope you fuckin' enjoy it, the right way! And, if you wanna see more pics, go to my facebook. I got lots, there.

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