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Hot Asian of the Month: Doris Yeh

This being the month of November, the month where we give thanks, I wanted to pick a woman all metalheads can be thankful for her hotnes: bassist for Taiwanese black metal outfit Chthonic, Doris Yeh! Not only is she talented, but she is, to me, THE most beautiful woman in all of metal!!

Chthonic was formed in 1995, but the lovely Ms. Yeh joined the band in 1999. Not only does she play the bass, but she also does backing vocals. Personally speaking, I love her vocals they're very haunting. Here is a live video of one of my fav songs of theirs, Indigenous Lacerations, to proof just that.

Doris is so beautiful that she has been featured on the Twaniese version of FHM. In her native country she is clearly a celeb, and one admired for her stunning
looks. She has also been in their version of GQ. While, I have no clue what is said in this vid, it is VERY hot and sexy. Hey, if any of you what is being said, please do share with us!

Here in the US, she has been featured as one of Revolver's hottest chicks in metal. She even made it to their calender!

I love seeing her in verious mags and publications because she is just so beautiful! She could have been a model, I think. As posing seems to come natural to this photogenic goddess.

But, she is not just all beauty. As, I said before she has a great voice. She also kicks major ass on the bass guitar. A woman who looks good and rocks is always sexy!

Doris is very smart and knowledgeable of causes related to her country. Listen to her interview here:

Here is another good interview with this metal heartbreaker. It further shows her brains, heart, and beauty.

Doris can be found on myspace and facebook. She posts some cool pics and stuff on Facebook, so get to befriending her already!

With her beautiful face, gorgeous body, smarts, personality, and talent, Doris Yeh sets the metal world a fire! Sure she plays in an extreme metal band, but she defintely comes off as the metal honey that you can bring home to mom. With tons of talent and looks to die for Doris Yeh is truly the most beautiful woman in our beloved genre. No scratch that. She's THE hottest woman in all of music! Asian, stunning, brains, AND plays black metal? That all WIN right there!! Chthonic and Doris Yeh fucking rule!!!

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