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I'm Thankful For

So, tomorrow most of us will be eating Thanksgiving dinner. We'll be enjoying shit loads of food, drinking wine, and all that good stuff. And, while we are all grateful for the good stuff in our lives, there is some stuff, I'm grateful for that I probably won't be mentioning at the table. But, I can thank God, right here! Score! Hot Asian Girls- If you read this blog regularly or know me (whether it be in real life or through social networks), then my love for beautiful Asian women should come as no shocker to you. I pick a babe every month to be the Hot Asian of the Month, and it's with good reason, that I dedicate so much love to them here. To me, they are the most beautiful women in the world, and with examples like Grace Park, Jamie Chung, Gail Kim, Asa Akira, London Keyes, Jessica Bangkok, Tila Tequila, Kelly Hu, etc is there any wonder? Honestly, I am always grateful when a TV show (Hawaii Five 0 and Nikita) or non-Asian movie (Sorority Row, Priest) has a beautiful Asian woman in it. Events are made better too, when beautiful Asian women are present. In fact, every thing is better with a stunning Asian woman! So, more should take heed, of this. I mean how many interchangeable blondes with big boobs and blue eyes (no offense to blondes with blue eyes and big tits) does the world really need? Metal Music- To me, there is NO better type of music. Many say music is their lives, it certainly is for me. With it's many sub-genres (hard rock, goth, hair, industrial, progressive, power, grindcore, deathcore, metalcore, nu-metal, my favs- thrash, death, black, and traditional, and a never ending list more), metal has a song or band or style to fit all of my moods. And, if you truly love this music it's in your heart forever. It's more than just music, it's a life style, a culture, it kicks your fucking ass!! So, metalheads, raise those devil horns and give thanks for THE greatest form of music in the history of mankind!!! Video Games- Or more specifically, for me, my beloved X-Box 360. I have not loved a system this much in ages. Video games provide hours of pleasure and joy. Life is made better by video games. So, no matter what system you are on, you should be grateful, for you know this to be true. Just go and play Dead Rising 2, and you know will the way!!! Porn- Ahh, porn. That sign says it best. And, unlike dating your heart won't ever be broken. There is porn for all tastes. And, I know what I like, and who I like, when it comes to smut. And, sure not every porno is as great as the other, but at least I know if get something with Asa Akira, she will be getting fucked. Ahh, Asa, I am grateful just for you! Oh, and the tissue industry is surely gratefully for porn. Do you think the head of Kleenex gives thanks for the existence of porn at the table? Hmm, inquiring minds want to know! Conventions- I've been going to cons since 1990. The first one I went to was Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors. Those are no longer held, and in their final run sucked more dick than a Tijuana whore. But, a great con is something to fucking always be thankful for. I have met lots of famous, and not so famous, people at them. I have also made friends, some of them quite good, at these shows. The pic on the left is from this Oct.'s Big Apple Con. It's the still beautiful Sunny and me. I met her and Clare (Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Kramer. They were both mad cool and totally hot! The best cons, to m,e remain Chiller (even if I had to miss their Oct. show) and the best of ALL: Exxxotica! God, how I LOVE Exxxotica!! That's me with the gorgeous Jessica Bangkok, at this year's amazing show, by the way. Anyways, hope you all have a safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy it with your loved ones. Take care, my dear friends and readers. I'm grateful that you guys read my stuff. And, that I mean. :) ---------------- Now playing: Austrian Death Machine - T2 Theme via FoxyTunes