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Marilyn Manson- Guns, God, and Goverment: Live in L.A. (blu-ray)

This amazing blu-ray presents the last show of the tour in support of Holy Wood from the 90s. It's a killer show with a total of sixteen kick ass tracks. The concert opens up with the awesome Irresponsible Hate Anthem. From there awesome songs like The Fight Song, The Love Song, The Dope Show, and other classics get played.

Where the show really shines is, of course, in the performances. The lights, outfits, and sets makes for a truly kick ass show. The mix of shock and sex showcase what made Manson so infamous back, then. I wish I had been at this show!!!

The blu-ray is beautiful. A rich, gorgeous transfer with lively colors and a truly killer sound. Make sure you play this loud as hell! I loved this concert when I saw it years ago on PPV, now, it's even better! The extra feature is a 30 minute behind the scenes short film called The Death Parade. It has lots of boobs, cursing, and even peeing. Surely not for the easily offended, but then again why the fuck would they buy this in the first place?!

**** out of ****

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