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Horror Viewings for October 2010

Like last last year, I wanna tell you what horror flicks I've watched this month, so far. Maybe it'll help you decide what to watch, or not watch, this month for your Halloween viewings. As always, I wanna know what you been watching, or what you think I/ others should be watching.

- I saw this one at the Big Apple Con with my friend Kristie. The lovely Diora Baird presented it, and I was very surprised with how good it turned out to be. It's a direct sequel to the original, but with a different cast playing the returning characters. Regardless, the acting is solid, and the movie is very exciting opting to go more in an action film vein. The gore is also quite awesome, and the attractive female cast make it all worth seeing.

- By and far the best of shaky cam horror, this intense horror movie is worth all the good things that have been said about. Strong acting and an ever increasing nail-biting sense of suspense and terror highlight this Spanish terror film, at it's very best. And, don't bother with the unneeded, lame American remake Quarantine.

A Serbian Film- This vile movie manages to shock and offend even me. Anyone who knows or reads this blog should that is no mean feet. Retired porn star is asked to make one more movie. But, said film features necrophilia, rape, incest, and, worst of all, pedophilia. The vile use of kids pushes this one to the limits of acceptability. Problem is that works only as a freak show and has no real redeem value to it. A hard film to sit through this is NOT for everyone. Only see it if you know what are getting yourself into and are sure you can deal with it. Not legally available in the US, you will have to opt for, "other" methods to see it.

- Watched it on my newly bought blu-ray. Gorezone review coming soon. When, it's up I'll post it here.

- Kick ass, gory slasher pays loving tribute to the stalk and slash films of yesteryear. Excellent splat FX and good acting help this one really stand on its own. The characters are likable, and you actually give a shit what happens to them! The killer, Chrome Skull, is fucking badass. And, the babes are really hot! A must see for fans of this kind of movie if you ain't done so yet. A sequel is being made by the movie's writer/ director, Robert Hall. It will feature porn babe and one of this blog's most beloved babes, Angelina Armani. Awesome fucking news in my book!

- A true classic. I talked about this one here before, so need to say anything else, other than I love it!

- Terrible Rosemary's Baby rip-off commits THE worst sin of all: it's fucking boring!!! Nothing happens in this shit eating waste of celluloid. Heather Graham looks beautiful (even knocked up), but even she don't make this shit worth sitting through.

- I rewatched the extended cut, my fav version of this classic. That's my fav version of this movie, by the way. My third most watched movie of all time. This fucker rules, but if your a true horror fan, then you already knew that!

- I saw this one last night. Is this better than the other two shitty American movies? I guess it is. But, by now means does this make it a good film. Still, there is worse shit out there. But, that's faint praise. On, the bright side it does have the beautiful Shawnee Smith in it. Also, the Japanese actress in it is GORGEOUS! Still, it reaches new levels of shitdom when the ending comes. Should you see this? Eh, probably not. But, hey at least it's better than Blessed....

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!
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