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Patrick Swayze: 1952-2009

I was watching Chelsea Lately, last night, when I heard the news that Patrick Swayze had passed away. I knew he had long been battling pancreatic cancer, and that he fought hard. I was honestly heart broken to hear this. In fact it shocked me, chilled me, and made me tear up. He died at 56, far too young.

I know most girls like to remember him for Dirty Dancing, a film I could give a flying fuck about. But, I will remember him for the action films he did, and because he came off as a good human being.

I guess the first time I saw him was in Red Dawn. I ain't seen it years, but I recall loving this tale of teens battling evil Russians who take over America. I hear this one was considered pretty violent upon it's release. Which is weird considering it is rated PG-13. I will have to revisit someday.

I next saw him in Next of Kin. I recall very little about this movie, expect I liked it as a kid. And, that some guy dies in a room full of snakes or something. Snakes and Swayze kick ass!

This next film, to me, will always be his best: Road House! I saw it on video and loved it. Playing a bouncer in a rowdy bar in bar where an asshole (Ben Gazzara) runs everything, he kicks some major ass. This movie had it all, fighting, boozing, a naked and beautiful Kelly Lynch , pro-wrestler Terry Funk as a thug, Sam Elliot, and throat ripping!!!!!!!! Fucking awesome! About two weeks ago I finally bought the movie on DVD. Can't wait to revisit it.

The other film of his I like is Point Break. Director Katherine (Near Dark) Bigelow makes a solid action movie here. While, it has to much surfing for me to truly love, it is really fun, has some great action, is nicely shot, has some nudity, and Swayze is just awesome as the villain. I wish he would have played a bad guy more often.

So, those are the films of his I like. He will always be remembered, by me, thanks to these movies. God bless him and may he RIP. Patrick Swayze, you will be greatly missed.

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Unknown said...

He's s great actor who will be missed.