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Some Hot Videos for You to Checkout

I felt like sharing some sexy videos with you guys, cause well I it's my civil duty to do so! After all, I like to make my readers happy, and I am sure these vids will make you feel, well happy. And, won't just be your face that will be smiling!

This first video I wanna share with you guys I saw over at one of my favorite blogsites: Asian Sweetheart If you love beautiful Thai women, and what man doesn't, then you should be checking out this site, as well. Anywho, this vid is from some FHM Girl Next Door 2009 thing, and it is HOT! Really sexy and the girls are gorgeous. Lots of lesbo teasing.

The next one is from German industrial metal band Rammstein. It's for their newest video Pussy. With a name like that you know what this video/ song is aiming for. The video features actual hardcore fucking and hot, naked (duh!) chicks. The song is catchy and the lyrics (those that are actually in English anyways) are funny. Porn and metal go so well together! For those of us who do not know German you need to click on the left button "Ich bestätige, volljährig zu sein" to be able to see it. Here is the link: http://visit-x.net/CAMS/DE/specials/Rammstein.html?track=Index Enjoy!

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