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I Am the Co-Administrator at the Gorezone.net Forums!

Recently, Kim "Arcvile" Dubuisson, my friend, site administrator, and founder of the longest running and absolute best horror website on the net, Gorezone.net, made me the co-administrator of the site's message boards. I am very grateful for this and look forward to it.

I first joined the Gorezone back in 2001 (maybe even 2000), and it quickly became one of my favorite sites to visit. In particular the message boards, which where/ are a welcome change from much of the immature and stupid conduct that so many sites suffer from. It's great to have a site where intelligent and fun discussions on horror, but also on music, video games, comics, pro-wrestling, etc, occur. I have made many friends on the message board, as well.

Anyways, I would go on to write reviews, interviews, and reports for the site. And, now being co-admin of the best damn message board on the net is be a pleasure and an honor. You guys should stop by and check it out. I know you will be more than pleased. You can find me, on the boards, under the name Headbanger69.

And, thank you Kim, my good friend, for giving me this chance.

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Thanks to YOU my friend.
Your dedication and passion for the genre and the site helped make it what it is today!

Thank you!