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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Jada Cheng

Ahh, September, it marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It might meaning going back to school for some of you. But, regardless of what it signifies to you I am sure that you will find my pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month to be smoldering and sexy: Jada Cheng!!!!!!!!

This 23 year old beauty was born in Corona, Queens (actually not to far away from my old neighborhood). At 16 she lived in Hong Kong, China for two years, where she became a resident and an English Professor andEnglish-Chinese Interpreter. She worked with people ranging from kindergarten kids to adults. Damn, I wish I had teachers that looked like her! She also stayed in Seoul, Korea for a short time. This multi-talented beauty is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhounese (these are, by the way, Chinese dialects), and English.

In 2005, she came back to New York, then a month later headed to Georgia, where she started her modeling career.

She works the Import Model circuit. And, she is one of the beautiful models for Sassy Assy.

Here she is doing a swimwear model shoot for them:

Another reason I picked her this month is cause she will be at Exxxotica NY this month. She will be, of course, with Sassy Assy. These are some pics I took of her (the second one is me with her) last year at Exxxotica NY.

She's been at Exxxotica Miami, as well:

Here, she is signing an autograph for a lucky fan at the same event:

She's also done appearances at Comic Con.

Jada, who has also been featured on Dr. 90210, is very active on the net, as well. You can find her on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. She has some of the most amazing Myspace and Facebook pics around, and I simply love her tweets on Twitter! She's just simply awesome! Of course, she also has her own website, where you can order her merchandise.

Jada is so sexy that mere words don't do her justice. Her beautiful face and impressive body leave anyone breathless. Her pictures are some of the sexiest on the net. Without a shadow of a doubt, Jada Cheng is, literally and figuratively, one of the hottest models, ever!

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