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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 2

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Fever 2
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Syren, Kianna, Jade Marcella, Sabrina Maui, Bamboo, Mika Tan, and China Spice

A beautiful girl (Mika Tan) lives next door to the gorgeous landlady, who is a lesbo, and since the walls are paper thin, she can hear her have sex. She tells this to her sexy co-worker (Syren) but secretly fantasizes about it all.

This is a nice set-up for this highly enjoyable Asian all-girl. The first scene has one of the two cover girls, Kianna Dior- easily one of my top favorite porn stars, bringing home a beauty in the form of another fav of mine, the gorgeous Jade Marcella. It's a good scene with some nice heat between the two stunning beauties.

In the next scene, Mika's character decides to call a girl she knew from school to be a lezzie, but she is busy with a beauty of her own. Both the exotic China Spice and the lovely Sabrina Maui have a hot scene on the sofa in this very sexy scene that ranks as one of the movie's best. The beginning, with then making out on the sofa, is particularly hot.

Next, we see Kianna Dior frigging herself off, which cause our lead to get horny and look through a smut rag. She is soon fantasizing about her gorgeous co-worker fucking Jade Marcella, who sadly is not into rug munching. But, then again who wouldn't fantasize about Syren?! Anywho, it leads to what might be the third hottest scene. Both girls have great chemistry together and the scene really delivers the goods!

This leads to Tan's character feeling that she needs to call an escort service. So she does so, and they send her a sexy honey (Bamboo). She is surprised to see that she is Asian. They both then get it on in the movie's best scene. I LOVE Bamboo's accent, and she looks so good in this scene! Anyways, they get it on Tan's bed. Very, very hot stuff.

The last scene has her stepping out of the apt, only to see her landlady, and guess, what? No she does not complain to her about the hot water not running. But, it does get hot, as they get it on! Yay! This is what the film has been building up to, and it's all good. Kianna and Mika are both GREAT performers and so getting them together really hits the mark. And, you'll be hitting the Vaseline. The second best scene in the film, this one ends the film a high note.

I love all girl films (and No Man's Land is THE best all girl series out there, that I have seen. anyways), and I LOVE Asian girls (if you haven't figured this out by now, either your new to this blog, or you just have simply not been paying attention), so this one is really a no-brainer. It could have used less toy play (not a fan of it, except when used right), and that prevents it from getting a perfect rating. But, every scene is still really, really good. And, the woman are absolutely stunning (great cast); plus, if you are a fan of Mika Tan (like I said before she is a GREAT performer), you get TWO (three if you count the scene where she fingers herself, before the Syren/ Marcella masturbatory fantasy) fucking scenes with her in them. In all, a must have for fans beautiful Asian clam lickers.

In terms of extra features this one has some nice stills in the photo gallery, cast bios, and really nice behind the scenes featurette. My thoughts on this was, damn how sexy is China Spice's accent, and holy fucking crap Kianna is GORGEOUS! It also has some trailers for other No Man's Land films.

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies


Unknown said...

There's actually a porn star named Bamboo???

Giovanni Deldio said...

lol! One of the girls asked the same question on the behind the scenes!