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The AGONIST & Alissa White-Gluz

I recently got into Canadian metalcore band, The Agonist thanx to their awesome video for Buisness Suits and Combat Boots:

I, then, got their CD Once Only Imagined, and I was instantly sold as a fan. They sound sort of like In This Moment with a hint of Arch Enemy. While, thier music is definitely heavy, it has moments of melodicism that really hit the mark. The breakdowns are constant and mosh worthy, though some more lead guitar breaks would be nice. Of course, much of the attention to the band will be, and is, for their lovely signer and songwriter, Alissa White-Gluz.
She has an awesome scream but also a rather beautiful signing vioce. She made it on one of Revlover mag's Hottest Babes in Metal issues and rightfully so. I mean look at her. She has blue hair, pale white skin, stunning, beautiful green eyes, a hot body, and plays and loves metal music. Sure she is straight-edge, but hey, someone has to take care of your drunk ass. right?

Based on interviews I have read with her she comes off as smart and knowledgeable. Her lyrics for the band are further proof of this and another reason why I am practically in love with her.

So get their album, listen to the band, and fall in love with Ms. White-Gluz. Although, after this blog you probably already are!


Unknown said...

See, I told you they had to be good since they had a hot lead singer. I like them too.

Giovanni Deldio said...

I figured you would like 'em!