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Ashley Alexandra Dupre

OK, so Eliot Spizter is a jackass. He is a married man with kids and he goes and sleeps with a prostitute. On top of that, he used to shutdown whore-house, this makes him a hypocrite, and I fucking HATE hypocrites!

But, this is turning political and politics bore me, so let’s cut right to the chase, the call-girl in question here is hot: Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

A teen runaway, Ms. Dupre is gonna make a killing thanks to this whole ordeal. She is a musician on the side. Now, I could give a fuck about her music. It is not my cup of blood. I like things decidedly heavier and darker, but whatever. I can say this. She is hotter and more interesting than Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, etc. So, that’s good, right? She bound to get lot of new friends at her myspace .

Penthouse and Hustler both made her an offer to pose nude . Now Penthouse is not the mag some of you may remember it to be. It is really become Playboy but with slightly naughtier pics. But, I have a soft side for Penthouse, maybe it is cause it think Playboy mag blows. Whatever. But, personally, I hope Hustler gets the layout. Larry Flynt’s magazine is the single best porn mag on God’s green Earth, and it would be great if they gave us a shot of Ms. Dupre’s pink!

Our naughty beauty has a sexy skin tone and smoking body. I ain’t sure she is worth the $4,300 she charges, but hey maybe one of you reading this knows something I don’t. Anywho, she might be an inspiration to call-girls everywhere! Everyone needs a hero, right?


Kim Dubuisson said...

Love her face!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Our former gov has good tastes in call girls! lol!

Kim Dubuisson said...

Got nude pix of her???