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Maria Brink

Tattoos, blond, busty, beautiful, plays and loves metal. Maria Brink, lead signer of metalcore group In This Moment, is indicative of what my ideal type of girl. She is a fellow NYer, albeit from upstate NY, and has a true love for metal. I LOVE sleeves (for those not in the know that would be an arm covered in tats), and hers looks amazingly hot.

She has a great voice, being able to sign with passion, power, and emotion, and a killer scream fucking scream, as well. Her band In This Moment, caught buzz on their myspace and eventually led Century Media to give them a contract.

Their debut Beautiful Tragedy was one of last year’s best releases. Heavy and melodic, the album makes me, at different times, wanna mosh, and at other times, touches my feelings. Few bands can accomplish this.

Ms. Brink is actually a mom, making her a metal MILF! Last night I saw her band
cover Pantera’s Five Minutes Alone on Fuses’s Talking Metal. They were fucking great, and I was reminded why I love this woman!