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Mezco One:12 Collective "G.I. Joe" Storm Shadow (Toy Review, Pics & Video)

Time to dive back into the G.I, Joe line of Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective. Last time I reviewed one of these it was Cobra's weapon supplier Destro. This time I take a look at, who is perhaps my favorite character in the G.I. Joe franchise, the Cobra (though sometimes he is a member of G.I. Joe, but not with this look) ninja: Storm Shadow!

Packaging- The packaging looks awesome and follows the same style and look from the aforementioned Destro figure. Like that one, and the rest in this sub-line, on the front it reproduces the the classic artwork from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Hasbro line of action figures from the 80's. 

Said artwork is continued on the bottom of the box, along with the usual copyright information.
The top of it has the G.I. Joe logo.

The left and right sides has the Cobra insignia on red and black, respectively
The back, of course, shows the figure and its accessories. 

Also, as usually the casing holds everything in three separate compartments.

First Impressions & Articulation- Holy shit! This is a truly gorgeous looking figure. It immediately became my favorite action figure of Storm Shadow, and that was before I did anything with him. 
The detail on him is excellent, and I love the face design.

The figure stands excellently on its own. He comes pre-packeged with closed fists, so that he is ready to punch someone.
The suit is really nice, and I love the hood!

Full 360 articulation for shoulders, biceps, ankles, and wrists. The later also moves side to side, thanks to a ball joint.
Head also has 360 movement as well as side to side.
Waist has good side to side possibility. limited only by his suit. But, he does have a good ab crunch.
The stand is the Cobra insignia, and we're gonna need it for the next couple of poses.

Legs split nicely, which you'll want in a ninja figure. He bends well at the knee and ankles turn completely, as do his hands. In fact, this figure has great articulation, overall.

Accessories- He comes with two alt heads, both of which are masked. 
I like the one pictured to the left quite a bit. The look in his eyes and mask, itself, look great.

There are six sets of hands, plus one more single hand.

Storm Shadow comes armed to the teeth! There is a set of hands to hold the various shurken (throwing stars) and kunai (small knives). All of which are very sharp and good looking. The smallest of the star can be held on the strap, as can the knives.

Use the open hand to attach the very cool looking smoke bomb throwing FX.

Same goes for the throwing star FX, which look even cooler!

Speaking of smoke bombs there is a right hand that is sculpted holding one and anther one holding three. They're really cool looking! I combined it with the chopping hand in some of the above pics. I also used the smoke bomb FX in others. It's fun to mix them up!

And, getting back to that chopping hand, one had to come with this figure, right? It makes for badass poses!

Here are even better look at the strap holding the stars and knives.

The bow quiver and sword sheath snap together. They hold three arrows (they come already inside the quiver), wakizashi, and odachi (the two swords), and the two hand scythes.

The nunchaku can be held on his left leg holster.
The other alternate head is more serious and menacing looking and is my favorite overall.

The scythe are small and really cool looking.

The nunchaku are especially fun to play with.

The sai blades are also fun to play with. Though, there is sadly no holster or strap to hold/ put them in.

Speaking of fun, holy shit is it ever awesome to pose him with his swords! There is a larger one called a wakisashi and a smaller one, an adachi. Both rule! 

The deflecting FX tension fits onto either sword and is a great looking feature!

The bow looks great. It has nice detailing with a tension "wire", and it can fold to collapse down in size!

I had to fidget with it a bit, but once I had it right, combing an with arrow with the bow is badass as hell! It looks perfect! What a figure!

The final pair of hands have spiked palm attachments and look, you guessed it(!), badass!!

The grip is great for this figure cuz as a ninja you will want him to be able to make some wicked poses, which you will totally be able to pull off!

Final Thoughts- This is hands down one of the best G.I. Joe figures ever made! It is also one of the best Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective released this year. In fact, it might rank among their best ever, thanks to the amazing possibility, detailing, and cool accessories. 

Final Score