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An Exclusive Interview with Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl, one of my personal favorite performers currently in the adult business, recently had an in-depth talk with me. As she's one of the performers featured and interviewed in the fascinating and critically acclaimed Netflix docu Money Shot: The PornHub Story, I took the chance to talk about that. We also touched upon her current work with and on Adult Time and OnlyFans, and much more, including her intense love for RPGs in this exclusive interview.

Siri, I absolutely loved what your segments in the Netflix documentary, Money Shot: The Pornhub Story. How did you get involved with it?

Thank you! My involvement was pretty straightforward. The director of Money Shot, Suzanne Hillinger, contacted me after she read Nick Kristof’s op-ed in the New York Times, which was one of the first things she researched to prepare for the documentary. That began our conversation, and after I’d done my own research about her and her past work, and asked her a bunch of questions, I felt comfortable getting on board with the documentary.

photo credit: Bryan Donnell 

Has the reaction to it changed or affected anything in the adult industry and if so how?

Maybe it’s still too soon to say, but I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from other people in the industry. I have been hearing from other people in the industry, as well as fans, that they appreciate how much the documentary humanizes sex workers, especially with regard to Gwen Adora and I, since we have a lot more screen time and the documentary crew visited us at our respective homes. I also think it’s noteworthy that the day after the documentary was released on Netflix, Mindgeek announced their new ownership under Ethical Capital Partners. I’m just speculating, but I don’t really think the timing was a coincidence. 

How has it been being the ambassador for Adult Time?

It’s been fantastic to have such an in-depth working relationship with Adult Time, and their directors and production teams. My role as an Ambassador gives me the opportunity to be a collaborator on projects in a way that doesn’t typically fall into a performer’s area of responsibility – and that’s one of the main reasons I love it. Every time I’m on an Adult Time set, I feel so taken care of. And, I have so much respect for Bree Mills and her vision for Adult Time “doing porn differently,” and I’m quite happy to be a part of that!

What do you enjoy the most about shooting for your OnlyFans?

I love the freedom it provides me. It’s awesome to have a reliable way to sell my own content to my fans. I primarily live in Kentucky, and a lot of my OnlyFans content is stuff I produce at home. And, I travel to LA every month for my studio work and to collaborate with performers who are based in LA and Las Vegas. I kind of get the best of both worlds. When I moved away from LA in 2014, I vowed that I’d never live there again, unless a very specific set of circumstances were met. The geographic separation is beneficial for me, because I enjoy something that a lot of adult performers don’t get: I can have a “regular,” slower-paced schedule when I’m at home in Kentucky. And, I only have to deal with LA traffic for one week out of the month. There’s a lot of flying involved, but it works better for me this way!

What is your favorite type of scene or content?

I don’t have a favorite type of scene that I shoot, in terms of specific sex acts or scenarios. For me, the most important factor is the sexual chemistry between me and my co-star(s). When the chemistry is right, it’s not just the sex itself that’s better – it makes the whole scene better. I understand that casting decisions often come down to availability and marketing, but I’m a firm believer in considering the people that are going to be fucking each other on camera, and letting that lead the way.

How excited are you to be delivering the keynote at the XBIZ Conference this month?

I’m excited as hell! I haven’t been to XBIZ Miami before, so it’s pretty awesome that my first time attending the Miami event, I get to go as a keynote speaker. I’ve always heard it’s tons of fun, and I’m really looking forward to connecting with other content creators, and to the pool party, of course. ;)

What turns you on the most? 

So many things! It depends a lot on context, and who I’m with, or what I was just doing five minutes ago. But, the one thing I feel like is always a for-sure turn on for me, is having my neck kissed gently. It sends a shiver down my spine every single time. I could be in the grumpiest mood ever, and then I’ll suddenly want to take off all my clothes.

How do you usually prepare before shooting a scene?

I’m not a morning person, so I do most of my physical prep, like shaving, moisturizing, etc., the night before a scene. If I try to do it the morning of my shoot, I will definitely leave the house 10 minutes later than I was supposed to, haha. I eat a good breakfast, usually an acaĆ­ bowl or smoothie, or something like that – just nothing too heavy. And, I always listen to one of my favorite podcasts when I drive to set. 

Having worked in the adult business for as long as you have, what are some of the most startling changes that you have noticed?

I love seeing the line between content creators/influencers and porn stars being blurred. Kazumi is a great example of that. Performers have been driving our own branding and marketing for a long time, and it’s taken the studio/talent agency structure a bit longer to catch up. But, we’re now in an era where that’s kind of the default way of getting into the business. 

Is there anything about the adult biz that would surprise someone who isn’t involved in it?

In my experience, most things about the reality of working in adult are surprising to “civilians.” Since I don’t live in LA, I frequently find myself explaining aspects of the porn industry to my friends and acquaintances who have no clue about its inner workings. In the best case scenario, people will at least have a concept that it is, indeed, work. But, there are so many myths and misconceptions, I couldn’t even list them all here. One thing that specifically seems to surprise everybody is that adult stars don’t get residual payments from our studio work. Most average people seem to incorrectly assume that we do get residuals, and that adult’s payment structure mimics that of mainstream film and television.

Do you have anything lined up that you would like to mention or let us know about?

I’m involved in some very exciting projects that will be coming out soon with Adult Time and Lust Cinema! 

I know that you are big into powerlifting. What drew you to it? And, what do you most enjoy about it?

I got into powerlifting kind of accidentally because I wanted to spend more time at the gym, but I was bored out of my mind with yoga and basic cardio. I started out with general strength training, but quickly realized that I loved lifting heavier weights, and I kept building on it from there. For a while I was figuring it out on my own, until I eventually hired a powerlifting trainer and joined a serious meathead gym. Now, I’ve been powerlifting for about 7 years. What I love most about it is the personal challenge. Yeah, lifting has changed my body, but for me that’s beside the point. It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about progress, or as powerlifters say, progressive overload. The main goal is to lift heavier than I did before. 

What else do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m into a lot of video games, mainly open-world RPGs. My favorite series ever is Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. I did a cosplay of the main character, Aloy, and it was removed by the mods on the subreddit r/cosplay because they thought I had simply submitted a screenshot from the video game. I wish I were kidding about that, LMAO. That was a really fun project for me. I had less than one week to make Aloy’s spear. I needed a weapon for my photoshoot, and I’d never crafted a prop weapon before. I was like a madwoman working on that thing. My partner Liam teased me about all week, because it was the only thing I focused on for six days straight, from the moment I woke up until bedtime. Like legitimately, I was regularly forgetting to feed myself. We have a saying that originated from that week of insanity – if one of us neglects or forgets to do something, we say “Blame it on the spear!”

photo credit: Natasha Inamorata

photo credit: Natasha Inamorata
photo credit: Natasha Inamorata

Any final words for your fans and my readers?

I love you all! Thanks so much for your fandom and support, and thank you for reading this interview. Porn viewers and fans are underappreciated and underrated. I wouldn’t have had a career to return to after my 5-year hiatus if it weren’t for all of you. If you use social media, please be sure to follow my official accounts! Instagram: @thesiridahl, Twitter: @thesiridahl, and TikTok: @hellosiridahl. You can also find all of my other links at snipfeed.co/siridahl


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the industry doesn't evolve around Los Angeles as much anymore, and that Performers can have a better work/life balance. It's a shame that it took a pandemic for remote work to popularize.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Agreed 100%. That was one of the nicest surprises/ revelations from this talk with her.