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Horror Crush: Dasha Nekrasova

It's been too long since we last did this, so let us induct another talented beauty into this site's hallowed Horror Crush section. This time around is a stunning multi-talented beauty, Dasha Nekrasova, who is also the first filmmaker that we have ever inducted.

Nekrasova was born in Minsk, Belarus (then known as Beylorussian SSR, Soviet Union) to acrobat parents. At four, she and her parents moved abroad to Las Vegas in the US. After attending the Las Vegas Academy of Arts and graduating in 2008, she went to Mills College and majored in sociology and philosophy. 

She began her entertainment career appearing in videos for alternative bands like Yumi Zouma and made he acting debut in Wobble Palace, which she co-wrote with Eugene Koltyarenko. She gained the nickname "Sailor Socialism" for being dressed in a Sailor Moon like look, while showing her support for Bernie Sanders during her interview for right-wing show InfoWars in 2018. That same year, she started the podcast Red Scare with Anna Khachiyan. And, while this all makes her even more cool, and in turn hot, than I had earlier known, it's her horror flick that earns her this induction. 

The Scary of Sixty-First tells the tale of two friends Addie and Noelle (the gorgeous dou of Betsey Brown and Madeline Quinn, the later of whom also co-wrote the film along with Nekrasova), now roommates, have moved into a nice, new apartment in Manhattan. Soon a beautiful stranger (Nekrasova) shows up and quickly forms a tight relationship with Noelle. She tells Noelle of a conspiracy connected to their apartment, Jeffrey Epstein, the royal family, and more. Addie meanwhile begins to lose her grip on reality and acts increasingly more and more strange.

Scary is one of the weirdest horror movies I've seen many a moon, and I mean that as a compliment. Now, I have realized that it has very mixed opinions upon those who have seen it. Which, I can see why. It's very muc indie in its look and feel on top of being, as I just said, odd. It also borrows influence from Eyes Wide Shut, Polanksi, and Giallio But, I think these aspects that give its appeal. The film is intriguing and very well acted by our three leading ladies. It's also the rare modern horror movie that has nudity and sexuality. Lesbiansim and female masturbation are featured in scenes that range from erotic to disturbing. The Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome is excellent, and the films, itself, is streaming on various services. See it and make up your own mind. Then leave me comment below as to what your thoughts on it are, 
As I said earlier Nekrasova is, like the other two ladies, great in her role as the nameless girl. Mysterious, sexy, and obsessive, she's a fascinating character. The Nekrasova accomplishes this so well while delivering stylish directing and such an involving script (along with Quinn) deserves extra credit for her. 

Gorgeous, politically liberal, smart, and giving us one of the most wonderfully odd horror movies in recent memory is more than enough reason to show respect and love for Nekrasova. I very happily induct Dasha Nekrasova into Horror Crushes!!