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Horror Crush: Shawnee Smith

Our latest induction into Horror Crushes is one of my all time biggest crushes (as I am sure she is for many of you). She is also one of the most popular and beloved actresses to ever grace our genre. And, with this also being Women in Horror month, it fells like the perfect time for this induction. She is the breathtakingly gorgeous Shanwee Smith!!
Smith was born on July 3, 1969 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She has been acting since childhood, starting onstage and getting her first movie role, in the 1982 musical Annie. But, this profile really begins in 1987, with Summer School.
While, not a horror movie in any way, shape, or form, this comedy about teens who have to take a remedial English class in, you guessed it, summer time, has two horror and make-up FX loving dudes. In the movie's most beloved scene, said gorehounds make the students all look they got mutilated in a slasher flick. Smith plays Rhonda, a pregnant teen. Our horror loving kids make her out to look like she had a ruler shoved into her mouth. It's a funny and likable comedy (this coming from someone who hates comedies), especially if you are a horror fan, as you'll love the two aforementioned dudes (one of whom is called "Chainsaw"!). And, of course, you'll love Smith, who looks super cute and is delightful in the film.
A year later, she starred in her best movie and role, the one where countless of guys (and probably some girls, too) crushed on her: Chuck (A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors) Russell's The Blob (1988). Like the original, a shapeless life-form from outer space terrorizes a small town, and gets bigger and bigger, as it eats every living being in site.
While, the original is a fun and likable little sci-fi/ horror flick, this amazing remake is one of the rare ones that top its original. It ranks right up there with The Fly and The Thing, as one of the finest remakes ever made. It has kick ass action, some really graphic gore (especially for a big studio horror movie), great FX, cool characters, excellent acting, and everything else that makes a movie try fucking rule! It's been one of my personal favorite movies ever since I first saw it, as a kid.
Smith plays Meg Penny, a sweet and all around good, small town girl and cheerleader. But, she is also, brave, plucky, and tough, as she fights to save and protect those she cares about and kick the Blob's ass (not that I think it actually has one, but I could be wrong?). She is also hot as hell, I mean she is a freaking cheerleader, for fuck's sake! I really wanted to meet a Meg of mine own in high school, but if course real life is terminally lake. She is major part, of many awesome parts, as to why I love this movie so much! To me, she is right up there with Ripley in monster ass kicking. In, fact the film makes a great triple feature with Aliens and the aforementioned The Thing.
After that she took a long movie break from horror shooting other genres, (except on TV where she did lots of horror work, but we'll get to that later), until 1998's remake of Carnival of Souls. Executive produced by Wes Craven, I think I only watched a little bit of it cause what I saw was pretty fucking awful. But, hey maybe I am wrong, and it's good! If by some act of God, that is the case let me know in the comments section below. Also, let me know how Smith was. One thing is for sure, she looked gorgeous in it, but that is a fucking given right?
In 2004, she returned to horror in what might be her most iconic role in the genre. It is certainly her only recurring one, Amanda in Saw. I loved her performance in this one, as the junkie who passes and escapes Jigsaw's trap (the iconic one from below). She was so good, that her character appeared in all the films, whether through original footage or archive, even though Amanda died in the awesome and gore-drenched third installment.
I flipped the fuck out seeing her in the movie and how beautiful she still was. Anytime she appeared in a subsequent Saw sequel I was happy as fucking hell.

It gave her career a new shot in the arm, and certified her as a scream queen, enough so that she appeared in an issue of Maxim. I remember that photo shoot, quite well and ranks among my favorites that they ever did! 
It is also thanks to Saw, that she was one of the hosts and mentors on Scream Queens, possibly my favorite reality show of all time. She looked incredibly hot on it, and the contestants were babes, too!

But, way before she ever that show she had appeared in other horror television.
They include:
The TV Stephen King miniseries The Stand  (1994) from Mick Garris, which is mostly meh, aside from the awesome beginning and her hotness. In fact, watching this as a teen, I crushed hard on her (again!). Oh, yeah the ending to that thing sucked ass. She would return to work for Garris on a much better Stephen King mini-series, The Shining (1997). But, that was honestly just a cameo.
The X-Files episode "Firwalker" (1994) which I barely remember (which is funny cause it wasn't that many years ago that I rewatched it), aside from her looking cute with short hair.
And, finally (as far as the horror goes), in 2008 she appeared in the Fear.Net (remember them?) series 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust, which honest to God I don't recall ever reading or hearing about. This despite my love for Smith. Any of you ever seen it and if so thoughts? Leave them in the comments section below.
I actually met at the and only Sawmania convention on November 15, 2008She was very sweet and a total knockout in person. Meeting her remains one of my favorite horror con moments!
And, I think that about covers it. She's has a long standing history with the genre and appearing in two legitimate horror classics, The Blob and Saw (and its sequels!), and other horror work. Her breathtaking and seemingly eternal beauty, make her a goddess. And, then throw in her acting prowess, and your realize that she has it all. In summation, is there a question as to why she is an official Horror Crush? I think not!
In the comments section below, tell me what is your favorite Shawnee Smith role and/ or movie!