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Horror Crush: Valerie Hartman

I usually try and do some Horror Crushes during Women in Horror Month, but I wasn't able to. Until, right now that is! Today's inclusion into this site's hallowed hall of beauty is the beautiful Valerie Hartman, a huge crush of mine as a kid, and a very underrated and lovely lady.
Finding any information on the beautiful Ms. Hartman is very difficult. She only has three acting credits to her name. We are focusing on her first and most famous, to horror fans anyways, role and that is of the naughty Ally in Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers.
The best of the sequels in the franchise, picks up several years after the first one. Angela (this time and in the following film played by the Boss' real life sister Pamela Springsteen) has had a sex change is a camp counselor at a camp filled with teens. It's good, empty headed fun, that pokes fun at itself and slasher movies, way before many others even thought of it. The gore is pretty good, but it is done with such a fun spirit that it never really feels nasty or mean spirited.
Among the teens is Hartman's character of Ally. For all intents and purposes the slut of the movie, Ally only really thinks about getting laid. Oh, and, showing off her most impressive boobs, which she does a lot, throughout the course of the movie. For the most part, she is a likable character. Being promiscuous does not make a character a bad person, despite what slasher movies may want to tell you. But, when she snaps at our final girl (played well by pretty sister of Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, Renee Estevez), it's easier to hate her.
It still sucks when she dies, cause she is a fun character. Also, cause she can't take her top off again. Hartman is good in her role, doing her best with a character that really doesn't have any depth aside from her hot body and wanting to get boned.
Her only other horror credit is working as an assistant to the director and being a raccoon wrangler on the inferior (to the first two) but still highly enjoyable Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. She did two more acting gigs, both non-horror, until disappearing from the entertainment biz. If any of you know what she is up currently up to I would love to know, tell me in the comments section, below.
She may have had only one acting gig in horror, but Valerie Hartman made it count! Naturally beautiful and with a real fun quality about her that shined in her sexy role, Hartman is impossible to forget. Showing her knockers a good four times or so in the movie, she ranks as one of the most memorable nudes in horror history. With all of these attributes, and more, there is no way that she does not deserve her inclusion into this site's Horror Crushes!