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Traveler- Traveler (Album Review)

Musician: Traveler
Album Title: Traveler
Genre/ Subgenre: Heavy Metal
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Release Date: February 22, 2019

Canada's Traveler are a straight up old school heavy metal band. For those weened on bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Accept, this band will come as a fucking godsend. The fact that are young is even more awesome, as they will surely have an amazing future within the metal community, if this killer self-titled album is even a hint of what they have in store for us.

This is their debut record. I had not heard about them until recently, but have not stopped listening to them, since I got this ass kicker sent to me. It is an absolute, fiery blast from start to fucking finish.

The album opens with the driving Priest like "Starbreaker" that will get your blood pumping and your headbanging! The soaring vocals of Jean-Pierre Abboud (formerly of Gatekeeper) make this fly straight to the stars. The anthemic, speed metal track "Street Machine" rips like so many bands only wish they could. It is a full blown ass-kicker that you will be signing and raising your fists. It makes for the best track on the album, which is no small feet. Guitars wale on the adrenaline pumping "Up To You", where the combo guitars of founding member Matt Reis (of Gatekrashor and Hrom) and Toryin "Junior" Schadlich really play off awesomely each other and shine with soaring power. The pulse pounding "Fallen Heroes" has some of my favorite signing on the album, with some real Halfordesque vocals. The song and its lyrics get in your blood and soul.

I absolute love the production in this album. The music sounds crisp, clear, and absolutely powerful. There is a wonderful old school feel to it that mixes perfectly with the band's style of music. It is the final stamp in giving this a true 80's sound.
Traveler's self-titled first album is likely to remain a strong contender for debut of the year. It is arguably the most fun metal album released so far in 2019. A sky soaring. anthem filled, rocker that kicks your fucking ass. It is one that will have you raise them devil horns, while headbaning away, signing along, and having some well deserved brewskies!

4.5 out of 5