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The Pretty Reckless- Terminal 5, NYC 11/16/16

It had been way too long since I last saw The Pretty Reckless, 2012 to be exact. And, for one of my personal favorite bands, that is way too fucking long. You see I missed them on their last tour, and I wouldn't make that same mistake. Touring in support of their phenomenal new album Who You Selling For, they played last night at Terminal 5 in their, and mine, hometown of New York City.

The first opening act was hard rock band Them Evils from the OC. These guys are really good and should please fans of old school rock and metal. They have a very clear influence of bands like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, and Ratt. Their music was hard and rocking and aside from their own songs, they played two cover track: AC/DC "It's a Long Way to the Top" and Motorhead "Ace of Spades".
Up next were the Holy White Hounds. They have a very interesting mix of 80s and 90s rock influences. The band is extremely talented and play their brand of music with much technicality. And, their music just happens to be catchy as fuck!
And, then it came time for the headliners, The Pretty Reckless!! The audience was on the edge of excitement, ready to jump at even the slightest hint that the band would get onstage. And, when they did we were ready to embrace them with all of our fandom and love!
The beautiful and uber-talented Taylor Momsen first hit the stage wearing a leather trench-coat and looking badass in it. It wouldn't take long for her to strip down to tank-top. Either way she is a breathtaking beauty!
She just exudes an air of sexiness that few can ever hope to touch. The day before the band had to cancel their show in Boston, as she wasn't feeling well. Those of us who had seen that announcement on social media were worried she may do the same here, but she didn't. And, if she wasn't feeling well, you sure as hell couldn't tell from the amazing performance she and the guys had last night. They fucking tore the house down!
They played songs from all three of their albums and opened the show with the ass-kicker "Follow Me Down". Other songs they played from the first two albums include the hits that are "Since Your Gone", "Make Me Wanna Die", and "Sweet Things". She was especially sexy on the later song slinking and moving provocatively onstage. For those curious, she sang all the parts of that song, herself (as fans know, on the album, a dude duets with her).

OK, I fucking LOVE that Punisher sticker on Taylor's guitar!!!
We were all "Going to Hell"!

Off of the new album they played the kick songs that are "Oh My God", "Hangman", "Prisoner", "Living in the Storm", and the first single off the album, the bluesy and truly badass "Take Me Down", which might be the single catchiest song made to video this year. That was the last song they played, until they came back to play their encore: "Fucked Up World". That song had a drum solo, where the rest of the band left and then they came back to finish the song and close off a killer night of GREAT hard rock music!
You guys definitely need to catch TPR on this tour! They are a phenomenal live band who play fucking awesome rock. We love you Taylor Momsen. And, The Pretty Reckless motherfucking rule!