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NYCC 2016- Sun: Cosplay, Megan Massacre, and Lucha Underground!

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, may have been the last day of NYCC, but I also think that it was one of the most fun ones. At least it was for me, but it all went by all too quickly! Though, I suppose one could say that about all of comic con. Anyways, here are the highlights, for me:

I have become a big fan of Rick and Morty and the Sun cosplay of this awesome and funny cartoon was on point! I mean, this trio, above and below, even had a Mr. Poopy Butthole (the character wearing a little tophat)! He is my favorite character on the show and needs some merch made of him! There was also a Mr. Meeseeks (the blue character from the second pic, below). He rules, too!
Here is some more of my favorite cosplay from this the last day of comic con 2016:
As a HUGE Universal Classic Monster fan, this gets best group cosplay of the con from me. I mean look, the Gillman (AKA the Creature from the Black Lagoon), even has his beauty with him!
This lovely Harley Quinn, below, was cosplayed by the gorgeous Lydia Vengeance.
 Always hanging with the lovely ladies of Gotham City! 
 The lovely Kate Ogden as Rosalina.
As I mentioned over on my Chiller Oct. 2016 write-up after my doggy Topi's illness and passing, I got very much into adult coloring books. Being that I was already a fan of the beautiful and talented tattoo artist, Megan Massacre; I was happy to see that she was signing copies of her amazing and beautiful coloring book Marked in Ink. I saw this a chance to say "Hi" (last time I saw her I was interviewing Pink Cigar at her store, Grit N' Glory last year), and get her book signed, no less! She was very sweet. She asked me if I colored the books. I told her the story about my little angel, and she was glad that her book could help my anxiety and such. She is so beautiful and awesome in person!

You can see the coloring book above to the bottom left, and her inside autograph is below. The rest of the above stuff is the other swag that I bought at comic con on Sun.
Finally, I attended the Lucha Underground panel, which was the perfect way to end this awesome day. I have said many times my disdain for the current state of wrestling on TV. However, Lucha rules. They are the BEST wrestling TV, by far, and are THE only wrestling that I follow religiously. It was cool to see them talk about their future plans for the company, including touring (which they are starting to do!) and more merch (yes!).
Yup that is the legend Rey Mysterio there. The blonde to his right is the beautiful Taya. And, next to her is Catrina, one of the most beautiful women in all of wrestling! To Rey's left is the gorgeous Ivelisse.

And, so ends comic con 2016. I actually missed cosplaying, which I did the day before, on this day. Next year, I promise to do it for two days, not just one. I still have one or two more write-ups for you guys, including a post with my interviews with cosplayers from that Sat. 

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