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Dead Conspiracy- Dead Conspiracy (Album Review)

Musician: Dead Conspiracy 
Album Title: Dead Conspiracy
Genre/ Subgenre: Death metal/ Thrash
Label: Self-released 
Release Date: Nov. 15, 2016

Dead Conspiracy is Portland's first ever death metal band. This self titled album is their first full length release. It features chainsaw guitars and blindly fast sounds that dominate this awesome slice of old-school death metal with thrash elements. 

The band excel at fast as fuck music. And, this evident from the very first track, the blistering "Blood Is Everywhere". Vocally there is an almost hardcore/ thrash crossover style married with cookie monster vocals for a particularly vicious delivery that is accompanied by chainsaw guitar riffs that would make Leatherface proud. The saw like shredding guitar is even more prominent in the next track: "In the Wake of the Butcher". Here the vocals sound particularly brutal and angry. A haunting and beautiful intro builds and builds into utter pummeling brutality for "Anthietam- Vulture Feeding". The clear vocals allow this tale of of ancient and bloody battle a more fun and catchy feel to it. The super fast "Paralyzed with Fear" closes off the album quite supremely well.

The band has a clear love for old school death metal. Their fondness for gore and death filled lyrics is happily representative of this. I mean just read the titles I mentioned before if you are need proof of this! Fans of bands like Death, Massacre, and Gruesome should take special note. But, I also like the thrash metal tendencies that lurk in their music too, as the influence of German thrashers like Kreator and Sodom are also present.

Old school, fast, and heavy this self titled album from Dead Conspiracy is truly kick ass! Rounded off by solid musician and a fun and changing vocal style it further satisfies. If your looking for gore and violence filled death metal to fill that 90s void, this is the band for you!

3.5 out of 5

The album is available here: www.deadconspiracy.bandcamp.com/album/dead-conspiracy-dead-conspiracy-lp-2016