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The 30 Greatest Fangoria Covers of all Time Pt. 2, 20 - 11

20. Fangoria #96 (Darkman)- Sam Raimi's kick ass mix of superhero action and Gothic horror makes for an exciting cover that really pops and shows the excellently gruesome visage of it's title character. I don't know if he is horror's first superhero (like the cover states), that title really belongs to Swamp Thing. The first one originally made for the big screen, is more like it.


19. Fangpria #127 (Return of the Living Dead Pt. III)- One of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest zombies ever, graces the cover of this Fango. Dear God, how I LOVE Melina Clarke!! Still, to this very day!!!


18. Fangoria #9 (Motel Hell)- The most highly sought after, rarest, and issue that is worth the most amount of money, this cover of a dude with a pig head and chainsaw from cult favorite Motel Hell is a purely classic image!

17. Fangoria #78 (Hellbound: Hellraiser II)- Pinhead gets his first and best Fango cover. Some trivia here, the first film made it on to a Fango cover, as well, but it wasn't Pinhead. It was bloody and skinless Frank!

16. Fangoria #50 (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge)- Landmark issue gets a bit a of a different look with the filmstrip taken out for it. Also, Freddy looks fucking cool as hell on it and totally pissed off! I guess of it's your "revenge" you be pissed off, too!

15. Fangoria #70 (Pumpkinhead)- The movie's production company had been holding back on pictures of the title monster and finally they released them leading to one of the best cover's in the mag's history! The monster is one of the coolest ever and the film is kick ass, too!

14. Fangoria #325- (Female Vampire)- Sexy vampire cover, from cult classic Female Vampire, in this awesome tribute to Euro-sleaze/ exploitation/ horror master Jess Franco. This actually ranks as one of my favorite issues of the magazine.

13. Fangoria #66 (The Lost Boys)- A badass cover as one of the vampires of 80s favorite The Lost Boys throws up the devil horns. Dude keeps it metal, even after landing in a tub of holy water!

12. Fangoria #62 (A Nightmare on Elm Street pt. 3: The Dream Warriors)- My absolute favorite slasher sequel gets a cool as hell cover appearance as Freddy Krueger looks ready to take the lovely Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) to the prom! Bad boys get all the best girls! Though considering the look on her, maybe she isn't that pumped for this date.

11. Fangoria #65- (Predator)- Man, it just seems like Fango was knocking them out the ballpark with the covers, during this time period. Then again this was a stellar time for horror. Anyways, the deadly alien from the Arnie action/ sci-fi/ horror classic get the cover here holding a trophy of one of successful hunts.

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