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The 30 Greatest Fangoria Covers of all Time Pt. 3, 10 - 1

10. Fangoria #23 (The Evil Dead)- Sam Raimi's gore drenched classic makes a cover appearance. I wonder if anyone back then imagined just how  massive a classic that this movie would become? Think about it, up to that point it was a low budget, unrated movie made by then unknowns starring then unknowns.

9. Fangoria #29 (The Gates of Hell)- Lucio Fulci's gory zombie classick makes this cover. Also known as City of the Living Dead, the image is of one of one of its classic splatter scenes, this one being where a character gets a power-drill to the noggin.

8. Fangoria #317 (Barbara Crampton)- One of the most beautiful women ever to grace the horror genre graces this modern era cover. This image not only proves that she is still a stunner, but has a nice bit of classic influence to it.

7. Fangoria #14 (An American Werewolf in London)- The first ever drawn cover for Fango features the werewolf from the John Landis' classic with a close-up of his face. It's some truly amazing artwork, indeed!

6. Fangoria #307 (Alice Cooper)- There are two drawn covers to this issue, the other, The Howling, is fucking cool, too. However, it is this one of the king of shock rock that makes the grade. Also, I have to add this was the issue where you can find my first published article. I remember seeing both covers and thinking to myself, "Holy shit! My favorite werewolf movie and one of my favortie frontmen (and one of my childhood heroes) made the cover of it!!

5. Fangoria #57 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)- While, I like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I am admit ably, not it's biggest fan. I think it's alright, but fell that it has, over the years, gotten a little overrated. However, Savini's makeup FX for the movie is excellent, of course. I LOVE his Leatherface, who is the cover-boy here, of course.

4. Fangoria #10 (Scanners)- One of the most memorable gore scenes ever, this being the exploding head in David Cronenberg's classic sci-fi/ horror flick, Scanners, gets the awesome front pic here. The tagline on it is awesome, too!

3. Fangoria #1 (Godzilla)- The very first issue of what is probably the most renown horror mag in the world got the King of the Monsters, himself, Godzilla on its' cover. Based on a poster from the very first film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, AKA, Gojira, this cover will catch the eye of any true monster/ horror fan. And, yes I own a copy of it, and only paid 20 bucks for it. It was/ is in pretty good condition.

2. Fangoria #95 (Total Recall)- One of the goriest (if not THE goriest) Arnold Schwarzenegger movies makes the cover and takes the silver medal. It's more head violence (three of the titles in my top ten have some sort of head violence!), as the lead villain's eyes pop right out! It's such an iconic and wild moment that sums up this action packed and ultra-violent movie, so well! 

1. Fangoria #8 (Zombie)- And, the top spot, gold medal, best Fangoria cover ever goes to this one featuring the one of the most popular and iconic zombies in cinema history. He is, of course, from Fulci's gory classic, Zombie. This dude is just so cool and creepy and kind of stands as one of my favorite zombies ever. The white background really helps him pop out, too!

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