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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Nan Yu

Last night, I finally saw the awesome Expendables 2, and as I laid my eyes on the gorgeous Nan Yu, I knew what had to be done: make her September 2012's Hot Asian Girl of the Month! After all, if summer is gonna end and some of you are going back to school, don't you wanna spend that time with a woman who is both stunning and can kick some serious ass?

Nan Yu was born on September 5, 1978 (yep, it's also her birthday this month, so I know I am making THE perfect choice!) in Dalian, Northeast China. She studied at the Beijing Film Academy and graduated in 1999.

That year she also made her acting debut in Lunar Eclipse. Since then she's won various awards thanks to her performances. 

She's been able to extend her acting to international roles, as well. They include: the French film Fureur, the Taiwanese film My DNA Says I Love You, among other films, including her Hollywood debut, Speed Racer. Honestly, I had no desire to see that, and even knowing now that Yu is in it, I seriously doubt that will change.

Thank God, then for her being in Expendables 2, which might be better than the first one. She plays Maggie a character that kicks some ass and helps our heroes. I remember seeing clips and pics showing her, and I was very pleased. I feel that way, when I see American movies use gorgeous, Asian women. She's quite good in her role and is awesome at beating bad guy butt. Plus, she pouts A LOT in the film, which is way hot!

Here is a little interview with her on the movie:
Here is a fan made video with HOT pics of her!!
She has such sexy lips!! My God!! With her beautiful body and gorgeous face, I can assure you that I'm in love. And, now that you have read and hopefully see/ will see Expendables 2 you will no doubt fall for her, as well!


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They are wonderful! Thanks for share.