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Accept & Kreator Live in NYC- 9/7/12

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending a awesome night of German metal, as Accept and Kreator rocked the fucking house at the Best Buy Theater in NYC!! I got there just in the nick of time, as Accept was just about to come on! From the get go they ripped onstage with killer music! They opened with my favorite song, "Hunt, Drawn, and Quartered" from their awesome new album, Stalingrad. From there on they played the title track, stuff from their modern classic album Blood of Nations (including the AWESOME Teutonic Terror), as well as classic, old school songs, including a song they didn't play when I saw them last year, my all time favorite Accept track, "Princess of the Dawn"!! As always they closed off the set with their most known song the classic "Balls to the Walls"!

 Closing the night was the greatest German thrash band, EVER, in the form of the mighty Kreator!!! They are, quite simply, one of the best live acts I have ever seen. They fuckin destroyed from the first to very last song. And, the band has so much energy onstage!!! Believe me when I say they sound as good live, if not better, than they do their albums. They played a truly KILLER set with songs from the excellent new album (which I think is their best in years, and that is saying A LOT!), Phantom Antichrist, that included the kick title track and United in Hate, as well as songs from various albums of their careers like vicious Hordes of Chaos, People of the Lie (a personal fav of mine!), Voices of the Dead, and they even went real old school and played a face ripping Pleasure to Kill. One of the true highlights for me, was when they said what a honor it was to play with their heroes Accept!! Meanwhile, the mosh pit was fucking sick!! They closed the night off with classic Flag of Hate.

Waving the FLAG OF HATE!!!!

In all, it was an awesome fucking night and a killer, kick ass show!!