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A Talk with Internet Pornstar Camille Crimson

All pictures come courtesy of Camille Crimson and her website.

It was a recently that a friend of mine introduced me to the lovely Camille Crimson and her amazing site TheArtOfBlowJob.com. The site features beautifully shot, sensual, sexy, and hot as hell videos and photos of Ms. Crimson giving blow-jobs to her boyfriend. I've always been a fan of a good blow-job scene and Camille is one of the best I've ever seen. I highly recommend the site. I recently had a little interview with the redheaded beauty, here is that very talk:

What made you decide to make adult entertainment?

We always had a really great sex life and our combined skills of web development, videography, photography, video editing, photoshopping and marketing just all made sense as the perfect way to share what we love and be our own bosses.

What do you like so much about giving blowjobs?

I love the idea of giving pleasure. There's something tremendously
gratifying about making someone come just from using your skills.
Especially in my situation, where my boyfriend and I shoot exclusively
together, it strengthens our relationship to know each other so well. We become very in tune and the pleasure has only mounted.

How often do you shoot scenes?

We shoot when we're genuinely aroused. Sometimes we'll do several in a day, other times life will get in the way and we'll go a while without getting a chance to shoot. By doing it when we're really turned on, we preserve the intimacy and authenticity, and we have a constant stream of videos.  :)

When did you give your first blowjob?

It was in my mid-teens. I wasn't as into it as I am now.  It takes time and it certainly helps to meet the right person who makes you really excited to give pleasure. That really awakens something from within.

What does a girl need to do to give the perfect blowjob?

The main thing is to be creative and communicative. Ask what feels good and think about ways you can make that happen. Of course, there are dozens of tips and tricks, but unless the person likes that kind of stimulation, it's not going to do much. Best to be open to different ways of giving pleasure through a blowjob. The perfect blowjob varies so much from person to person.

What advice do you have for a girl that maybe hesitant to give a blowjob?

Just give it a try and go easy on yourself. You can start small and work your way up to giving full-fledged blowjobs. Start with licking and kissing the tip, stroking the shaft a bit and ease into things like sucking and deeper blowjobs. It's not a race.

What do you like to do on your spare time?

I have recently taken up motorcycling, I love to cook (especially French cuisine), I play guitar and piano, I sing, I write my own music, I love to paint, I experiment with videography and photography of my own... I do a whole lot.  ;)

Any closing words for my readers?

Check out my sites - TheArtofBlowjob.com and SlowMotionBlowjob.com and
read my blog at CamilleCrimson.com! I love to dispense my thoughts about porn and sexuality and I love to give advice, too. I hope that I can make a small mark in the world by showing that porn can be beautiful.


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