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Five Points Festival 2024

On the weekend of June 8 & 9, 2024, the annual Five Points Festival once again took place at ZeroSpace in Brooklyn, NY. Dedicated to designer toys, indie comics, beer, tats, and more, it's always a good time and a feast for the eyes. I, of course was there to bring you all the sites. Here are some of my favorite things that I saw on that Saturday:

I love the emphasis on horror on the merch sold at this booth.

HeartBat Studio has such cool merch! I especially love her pink and purple take on classic Toho monsters.

Once again, Super7 returned making them one of the only, if not the only, major toy company with a booth at Five Points. And, as always they have some of the coolest product anywhere! 

I really loved the socks that Pals had on display at her booth. It's awesome that their socks come with designs that while not matching still go together as a pair.. The product is cute, fun, and colorful. And, I even bought a pair! You can see it towards the end of this post.

This Children of the Corn doll is from Psychedelic Safari.

I can't go Five Points and not enjoy a nice refreshing craft beer. So, I did, and it tasted great! To me, this is always one of the highlights at this festival/ con. I also love that the seating area looks like an old NYC subway car.

Before I headed home I took a look outside to see the painting contest, which was right next to the food trucks and beer garden. People were gathered to eat, drink, and just have a fun time outside.

Finally here are the two things that I bought myself on this day.  It was a Godzilla Series 2 mystery box, which ended up containing a 1974 Godzilla figure (all the Kaijus are in black and white, by the way. in this series) and from Pal, the Dog and Cat socks (cause I am a dog person, of course!).

I had a great time attending and covering this event. Did any of you go? If so what did you like the most there? Or are you planning on going next year? Let me know in the comments section below.