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The 10 Best Horror Movies of 1989

And, now we head into the final year of the 80's, 1989. By this point, the slasher movie has well run its course, with some some subpar and even terrible movies (looking at Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) coming out and bombing. And, while there are some slashers in this list, it also represents an interesting and varied batch of genre flicks, as the decade closed off. One more that I want to mention is that I sometimes forget that this year really had quite a few solid movies in it. 

Honorable Mentions:
Pet Semetary
Cutting Class
The Return of Swamp Thing
The Horror Show
The Dead Pit

10. Parents- It maybe a little slow, but this interesting and odd mix of horror and pitch black comedy has garnered a well deserved cult following over the years. One of the reasons it works so well is cause of Randy Quaid, who is creepy as fucking hell as the dad. And, while I was able to figure out the ending, I still loved the fuck out of it!

9. The Phantom of the Opera- This one is a wholly enjoyable, if flawed, mix of classic, Gothic horror and slasher film. The flick has good production values and also features some graphic gore. The acting is also good especially from Robert Englund (in the title role) and the beautiful Jill Schoelen as the object of his affection/ obsession. 

8. Intruder- Far more gory than most of the slashers of its era, this is one bloody and graphic motherfucker. It is also stylishly shot, exciting, and fun. In all it is an honestly and absolutely killer, good time. 

7. The Fly II- Look, this movie was never gonna be on the level of its flawless original. But, that's fine, cause what it is is a a wholly fun and highly entertaining monster movie. It has amazing practical FX, including a great looking monster and splatter that pushes the limits of the R-rating. The acting is great and it even manages to tug at your feelings with that doggie scene. Said moment is proven to make anyone with a heart cry any and every time they see it. 

6. Bride of Re-Animator- Making a sequel to all my all time favorite movie is no easy task. But, leave it to Brian Yuzna, the producer of the first masterpiece, to come back and direct it. He does a great job with this gory, wild, and, above all, fun film. And, with most of the cast coming back for it, Bride wins in ways most sequels, fuck many "original" movies, wish they could!

5. Dead Calm- A slow-burn horror/ thriller that really knows how to build-up the nail-biting intensity, this is one suspenseful fucker. It's expertly directed and has excellent acting from its small cast. And, the ending is a perfect way to cap off a damn good flick. On a side note, Nicole Kidman's nudity is nice bonus.

4. The Church- Produced by Dario Argento this Michele (Cemetery Man) Soavi' flick is stylish, gory, and wild. It has everything that makes Italian horror so kick ass: graphic splatter, great directing, awesome music, over the top set pieces, a wild, err, "plot", and beautiful (sometimes naked) women. Plus, there are some cool looking demons, too! 
3. Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy- It's the acting, especially from Terry O'Quinn, that really helps make this one of the very best slasher sequels ever made. The climatic and bloody battle between he and the lovely Meg Foster is rousing and and exciting. Too bad the franchise kept going after this with the godawful third film and the unwanted remake, cause this was the perfect ending for the titular character.
2. Society- Brian Yuzna, with the earlier ranked Bride of Re-Animator and this slimey classic, pulls double duty on this list. But, this to me, is his finest film. It is grotesque, smart, and funny. It's message of how the rich feed on the poor is still highly relevant, today. The excellent FX by Screaming Mad George are over the top and stomach churning. The supreme example of this being the climatic shunting scene. It is nightmarish, truly gross, and unforgettable. It wouldn't be me if I didn't mention the fact that the gorgeous Devin Devasquez is one of the sexiest women in 80s horror.
1. Santa Sangre- Alejandro Jodorwsky's beautiful and powerful horror flick ranks among the finest genre movies made in any era. Lyrical, surreal, and bloody it is a truly spectacular site to behold. I find it a shame that horror fans don't seem to talk about it, these days, anywhere near the amount that should be. So, to those of you who have never seen it, you need to change that, as of right fucking now! 

And, this concludes the best of the 80s horror movies, year by year. I plan to do a best overall of the whole decade, but am still thinking of whether to make it a video or simply write it out. Would you guys rather have a video or a written one, like this one? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, comment and let me know your favorites of 1989. And, here here are the previous years:

And, I know things are very different this year, but I wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving! And, for one, am so thankful to all who read and support my website. I and this site, would be nothing with you ladies and guys.