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Repuked- Dawn of Reintoxication (Album Review)

Musicians: Repuked
Album Title: Dawn of Reintoxication
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: Soulseller Records
Release Date: October 9, 2020

Seven years after their last release, Pervertopia, Stockholm, Swedish death metal act Repuked are back with their third full length album, Dawn of Reintoxtication. Heavily influenced by Autopsy, this gross and vicious, yet really fun death metal record, that is sure to repulse, please, and totally fucking crush, all at the same time.

There is a good meaty and thick sound that gives the album a very heavy and aggressive quality. The band features talented musicians who pull off the the brutal and thick assault and mix it with speed and aggression. Lyrically the band are obsessed with perversion, gore, and booze, making for a fun and decidedly unpc good time. You only need to read song titles like "Fucking Your Fucking Corpse", "Shitfister", and "Repulsive Erected and Anally Infected" to get what I am talking about.

The aforementioned " Fucking Your Fucking Corpse" has a slow and crunchy start that has this decidedly gross feel, especially when Rob the Slob's, who also plays bass in the band, vocals kick in. Then, the song goes into overdrive as the speed kicks way up. As the song goes back forth in speed and sound, what you get is a have fucking killer and brutal track. The creepy and haunting title track sounds like something straight out of a John Carpenter flick. With its electronic like soundscape and horror movie atmosphere, it comes off as a fun change of pace from the rest of the record and a real highlight. "Repulsive Erected and Anally Infected" is a blistering and unrelenting track, which actually feels even heavier when it slows down! "Sewer Rain" has this disgusting little intro that feels like sewer water is washing over you. It then heads this grinding sound accompanied by soaring guitars that is to put it quite simply fucking glorious! It feels nasty and heavy throughout this 3.03 minute duration.

Dawn of Reintoxication by Repuked is a vile, stomach-churning, good time. Heavy and fun, it has meaty crunches and killer slow parts that alternate with some almost punky faster sections. The end result is one of the most out right, purely enjoyable death metal releases in recent memory. Get some strong ass booze and play this fucker as loud as possible!

3.5 out of 5