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WinterCon 2019 Part 2: Cosplay Galore!

Back, in late November, I posted the first part of my coverage of WinterCon 2019, but never got around to posting the next part. And, while this was long overdue, with no conventions till God knows when, this actually kinda works out. Anyway, let's stop wasting time and get right back to it, as we dig into some of my favorite cosplays of that day!

 The Empire has glitter!
 This Spyro is so freaking cool! I simply loved her look!

Here goes some DC Comics inspired fun for you!

And, now we go from DC Comics to a crossover with Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame! This kick ass mix of Bane and Jason is badass as fuck!

And, keeping with the Jason crossover cosplays, we got two of the coolest things in horror mixed in one: our aforementioned unstoppable baddie with Stranger Things!

And, from DC (and, Jason Voorhees) we got to Marvel Comics!

A simple but super cool cosplay, this Dana Scully, immediately caught my eye. I feel like she really captures Scully's look, beauty, and style. As a HUGE fan of "The X-Files", I absolutely adored this cosplay. I would LOVE to see more cosplays like this, please!

When it comes to fun cosplays you can beat Hooters Deadpool and Miles Morales Spider-Man! And, if you must know, I did squeeze Deadpool's balloons, and by balloons, I mean boobs!

Another absolute highlight was this lovely lady doing the candelabra from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's a beautiful and imaginatively done cosplay. I don't remember ever seeing anyone do this before, but damn did she do an excellent job with it!

I did manage to join in a couple of more pics, in my Captain America cosplay. I am joined by two excellent Spider-Verse cosplayers. Cosplaying as Silk is the awesome as fucking hell, Smallz_NYC. Both of them are cool and were fun to hang with and take some badass Marvel Comics inspired pics!