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Witch Vomit- Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave (Album Review)

Musician: Witch Vomit
Album Title: Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Release Date: August 30, 2019

Witch Vomit are a death metal band from Portland, Oregon. This album, Buried  Deep in a Bottomless Grave, is their second full release. And, it is the best death metal album that I have heard so far in 2019, one that grabs your attention from start to bloody finish. As, the band's music drips both with dread and talent, mixing an early Entombed like sound with the splatter minded style of their homeland of the US of A.

The first track is a real barn, or should I say mausoleum, burner in the worm-ridden form of "From Rotten Guts". The buzzsaw like guitars and pummeling blast-beats makes for a brutal and bloody sonic experience. The title track is an absolute and total assault on the senses as it  produces a fast and atmospheric ride. One that is utterly vicious as it gives you the feeling of being buried alive in a hellish pit, mixed in with an almost punkish feel in its shortness and brevity. Some wailing guitar leads combine with a thundering and dark sound, all of which result in one of my favorite instrumental tracks in many a bloody moon: "Squirming in Misery"! The album ends with the absolutely awesome "Fumes of Dying Bodies". This one is my favorite one on the album and has an Entombed meets Cannibal Corpse sound that seems like it was tailor made for me in some rotting pit of hell!
Goddamn it, does Buried Deep in a Bottomless Pit ever fucking kill! Witch Vomit are the very future of old school death metal. Like a gore drenched, American Entombed, they are dark, crunching, heavy, merciless, and drenched in atmosphere. I absolutely loved this album from the very first riff, till the closing inhuman growl. And, it only gets better with each listening.

4.5 out of 5