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Creeping Death- Wretched Illusions (Album Review)

Musician- Creeping Death
Album Title- Wretched Illusions
Genre/ Subgenre- Death Metal
Label- Entertainment One (eOne)
Release Date- September 27, 2019

Texas death metal band Creeping Death make their much anticipated and truly spectacular full length debut with the unrelenting Wretched Illusions. They have been the talk of the underground in the weeks leading up to this release, and let me say that they are worth all the hype they have been getting and more!

The band's sound has a definitely old school death metal sound with some thrash metal riffs, perfectly fitting their moniker. Just about every song on here is filled with energy and adrenalinized ass kicking.

The flesh shredding "Captivity" has chugging and soaring guitars coupled with the barking, aggressive, and pissed off vocals of Reese. A slower, more doomy part of the song adds an extra kick in the fucking ass. The thrash influence can be heard very clearly in the early part of "Bloodlust Contamination". It reminds me of Possessed with with a galloping groove thrown if for good measure and one hell of a mosh fueling breakdown. Speaking of doom, "Corroded from Within" really slows things down with a dark and menacing feel that will crush you face first on to the concrete. Then, it ratchets up the speed, all while still keeping the slower groove. It's Sepultura meets Obituary in the fucking awesome and unstoppable "World Decay", a thunder-storm like masterpiece that is my favorite track on the album.

I also love the production by Daniel (Power Trip, End Times) Schmuck and mix and mastering by Arthur (Cavalera Conspiracy, Outer Heaven) Rizk. The album has a thick and heavy sound, punctuated by thundering bass and vocals that bark at you with seething rage and menace.
If I could pick one, new band that old school death metal fans should divert all their attention to, then that would be Creeping Death. On what is their debut album, Wretched Illusions, they have given what maybe the best death metal of the year, so far. That dear readers, is one hell of an achievement! Thrashy and fast, yet groove laden and driven, fans of bands like early Sepultura, Obituary, and Bolt Thrower definitely need to buy this album! And, don't be surprised if this massive monster of an album becomes a classic of the genre.

4.5 out of 5