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Horror Crush: Suzanna Ling

I realize that it has been quite some time, since I added a new inductee into the Horror Crushes section of this site, so let's change that right now! Today, I induct one of the most obscure beauties that I ever have, the gorgeous Suzanna Ling!
There is sadly no information on the beautiful Ms. Suzanna Ling. She only has one credit to her name. But, that credit, Kiss of the Tarantula, was enough to make me pay attention and love her!
Kiss of the Tarantula is a somewhat obscure 1976 American horror flick about a girl named Susan who loves spiders, especially tarantulas. As a little girl, she kills her evil mom, who is fucking Susan's uncle, wants to get rid of her, and kill her own husband/ Susan's dad. She off this bitch with the help of one of her tarantulas. As a teen (now played by Suzanna Ling), she continues to use her pet tarantulas against those who hurt or threaten her.
Kiss of the Tarantula is a bit on the slow moving side, but it is quite enjoyable. And, it is in large part thanks to Ling. Susan isn't really a villain, in my humble opinion, as all those she kills are honestly pretty shitty human beings. Poor Susan is picked on by assholes and even sexually threatened by the aforementioned uncle, who turns out to also be a lecherous and incestuous bastard. He adds some of the creepiest moments to movie (those afraid of spiders will find more things to get creeped out by). And, the ending to this movie is fucking awesome.
Getting back to Ling, she is effortlessly likable and breathtaking beautiful. She has gorgeous eyes and her long, straight, blonde hair. She makes me kind of recall Jaws 2's beautiful and fellow Horror Crush inductee and killer animal horror star Ann Duscenberry. Cheering for her definitely makes the movie more fun for me, as, short of her kicking a puppy, it would hard for me to dislike anyone this beautiful.
And, that is it. She has no other credit to her whatsoever. Not fucking one. It sucks cause she gorgeous and quite good in this movie. The flick hit Blu-ray last year thanks to VCI. It's a nice little disc (although only the trailer and running commentary are the extra features, the transfer is great), and is how I saw it for the first time, just this weekend.
But, hey, as I said that was enough for me, so, I gladly induct Ms. Suzanna Ling into Horror Crushes!