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Interview with Sonia Harcourt: Exxxotica NJ 2018

While, the gorgeous Sonia Harcourt and follow each other on social media many times, we had never met in real life. Until, we finally did at the 2018 edition of Exxxotica NJ, at the beginning of the this month. Sonia, who was a the Inked Angels booth, was rocking a kick ass Batman Forever inspired Riddler cosplay, looking stunning, of course. On top of this, she is even cooler and sweeter in person. I got to do a little interview with her, that you can read below:

MASTER GIO: How did you get into the business?

SONIA HARCOURT: I started out doing sex work advocacy- I've always been that friend who didn't shy away from talking about sex, and my best friend (who works at a non profit LGBTQ organization) suggested I look into it. So I started an Etsy store with sex positive merchandise and some items that benefited the FSC, and got to know a lot about the industry. I thought about getting into the industry when I was younger, but was way too insecure. So you can imagine my surprise when an agency messaged me asking if I was looking for representation...I thought "Oh, that ship hasn't sailed? I'm not too old to start?" and decided to just give it a try :)

MASTER GIO: What would you say you enjoy the most about it?

SONIA: Definitely the performance aspect- I was a theatre major and a music minor, so I love putting on a show ;)

MASTER GIO: Is there anything that surprised about the biz?

SONIA: The generosity and kindness of other performers is staggering- people who have nothing but the shirt on their back would give it to you in a heartbeat if they thought you needed it...I've made some incredible friends and met some of the most genuine people here.

MASTER GIO: What turns you on?

SONIA: Talent, kindness, a sense of humor, confidence (but not arrogance), empathy.

MASTER GIO: What is it that you like about being tied up?

SONIA: I consider myself a switch but prefer to be submissive, so I guess its the idea of just giving over entirely to someone else.

MASTER GIO: You are into cosplay. What are some of your favorites that you have done?

SONIA: My two favorites are my lady Riddler (inspired by Jim Carrey's Riddler) and Satine in Moulin Rouge (I've done both Black Diamonds and Pink Diamonds).
MASTER GIO: How was Exxxotica and the Inked Awards?

SONIA: A total blast!!! Got to see old friends, meet new ones, and just get to know a lot of people.

MASTER GIO: I asked you about your Halloween plans, and you told me you had something planned every night of the month. What did you end up doing/ watching?

SONIA: I bought a wooden model of the Addams Family house and turned it into a kind of Halloween advent calendar- each window had a different movie in it, so we would watch a different Halloween/horror movie every day, starting with Hocus Pocus and ending with Halloween. :)

MASTER GIO: What are some of your favorite movies and music?

SONIA: I.m a huge movie buff so its hard to narrow it down, but all time favorite is The Princess Bride. When it comes to music I am very eclectic, so really a little of everything except extremes (like really twangy country or screaming death metal).

MASTER GIO: What projects do you have lined up?

SONIA: I had my first studio shoot with Devils Film and that just dropped this week! Super excited about that scene as I want to do more positive bisexual porn (as opposed to just forced/cuck stuff). I also did my first cam show with Cherry Pimps in LA- it was a solo shoot, and I had so much fun- hoping they will have me back next time I'm in town. :)

MASTER GIO: What do you like to do on your spare time?

SONIA: Anything with my hands- arts and crafts, home decor, costumes, playing instruments (been playing the flute since I was little).

MASTER GIO: Any final words and where can fans find you online?

SONIA: If you like perpetually dorky girls who also happen to love sex, I've got plenty of content for you! All my links can be found on fancentro.com/soniaharcourt