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Light This City: Live at Gold Sounds- Brooklyn, NY 11/9/18

On November 12, 2018, Bay Area, California, melo-death act, Light This City headlined a killer show at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, NY (my first time at this venue, which I loved!). And, I was on-hand to bring you the kick ass details!

The first band that I got to see on this rainy night in New York, was Generation Underground. The band was down to only two members on this night (for various reasons the others could not be there), but they forged on, regardless. The band opened with a fun cover of the Sepultura classis "Bloody Roots", then went into their own songs. Their music has has a catchy nu-metal tinge to it. And, thanks to both the sound and band members, had a lot of energy to it.

Next up were Brooklyn's own Apparition. This kick ass hardcore band was fucking killer live! Their sound has a very Hatebreed/ Walls of Jericho sound, which I simply adored! They had a replacement drummer for the night who did a great job. And, led by their energetic singer and pulling out some groove laden and heavy sounds, they fucking owned that stage!

Next up were hard rock/ metal act Gygax, who have and will be supporting label mates Light This City throughout this East Coast/ Canadian tour. Named after Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, they have a great, swagger filled, old-school sound to them. Their music definitely has a very Motorhead, Dio, Guns N' Roses-esque sound to it, that fans of classic rock and metal will simply eat up! They are also a fucking blast to see live. With a ton of talent and a fun sounding set, they truly rocked the house!

Finally, it was time for a the headliners: Light This City! I have a been a huge fan of this amazing band since I first heard and bought their third album Facing the Thousand. They would release one more album, the masterful Stormchaser, before breaking up. They then returned this year, a good ten years later! Their latest release Terminal Bloom, which I reviewed here: https://www.themastergio.com/2018/05/light-this-city-terminal-bloom-album.html, is without question one of the year's best releases. I had never seen them live before but always wanted to. With all of this in mind, I was so fucking pumped when I heard that they would be playing and so close to my hood, no less!
They played a bunch of songs from their latest, as well as classics. The band has such immense musical talent and energy. Fronted by the lovely and ass kicking Laura Nichol, they are the complete, killer package. One that honestly blows away many other similar bands, that may get more press coverage. A terribly underrated act, this concert proves what I have known for years: that they deserve to be bigger and heard by many more metal fans.
They finished off their amazing set with the absolutely amazing and classic track "The Unwelcome Savior", which was their encore. This is the song that introduced the band to me, and always gets me pumped. It's one of my go to tracks when I am feeling like shit. With this all of this in mind, it got me to do something I never do: I jumped right into pit! It made an awesome night even more kick ass for me.

After the show, I met two of the band members, drummer Ben Murray and the aforementioned signer Laura Nichol. I made sure to tell them about my love for the band, my five out of five review of their latest, and how I think it is one of the year's very best releases! They were both so nice, gracious, and down to earth. This was the perfect closer to the night.

Be sure to get their latest album and catch them live if you can. You won't be disappointed, I promise! And, tell them Master Gio sent ya!
Awesome T-shirt I picked from them at their merch table on this night.


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Good review, awesome photos!

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Great review, Awesome Photos!

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