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Toy Fair 2014: The Final Chapter- Redwood Ventures- Mechanized Fish, NECA Horror Climbers, and Just Funky

I hope you guys have enjoyed my coverage of Toy Fair 2014. This is my final write up on it. Due to the fact that both these videos were really short and both show mechanized toys, I combined into one.

The first part is from Redwood Ventures and has some whale and fish toys swimming in fishbowls. The video like this one at Toy Fair last year, it got me a ton of hits, so my guess is you guys love them. The next part is of the NECA horror climbers, that include Gremlins, Alien, Predator, Freddy, and Jason. Those are really cute and cool! 

Finally, the last booth I hit was Just Funky. They had a ton of cool mugs, glasses, and collectibles from franchises like Adventure Time, The Walking Dead, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
 Man, I could blow all my cash on Adventure Time stuff. Remember kids, you can never have enough collectibles from this awesome show! These are coming soon!
The girl who worked at the booth says that the Daryl The Walking Dead crossbow mug is hard to find and can sell for like a 100 bucks! Do some searching, I've seen better prices, but I have seen it go for quite a bit.
 The TWD and TMNT stuff are all out already.