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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Emma Anzai

Well, May is my birthday month, and as such I am picking a goddess who I wish would be a birthday gift to me: Sick Puppies' beautiful bass player Emma Anzai!

Emma is in her early thirties and was born in Australia. She has Japanese blood in her, which combined with her accent makes for an intoxicating and exotic mix.

She, along with signer/ guitarist Shimon Moore, is a founding member of the alternative metal/ hard rock Australian band, Sick Puppies. She is a kick ass and amazing bass player. Not only is she utterly stunning, but she has amazing playing prowess. She also has a killer stage presence, as she bangs her head and just goes wild onstage. I think she is one of the finest and very best bass players in rock and metal. She adds a lot to a band that is great and even better live!

I got to see Sick Puppies a few months ago, when they were headlining the Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour. I liked the band quite a bit before hand, but seeing them live solidified my love for them. It also solidified my love for her!! She is so beautiful and awesome in person! By the way, the pic on the right was taken by me at said show. And, be sure to click on the link in this paragraph for more of pics of her and the other metal goddesses from the show.

With her combination of a sexy accent, beautiful, long, black hair, gorgeous, almond eyes, killer body, amazing musical talent, and sweet personality, Emma is truly one of the hottest women in hard rock and metal, not just now, but ever. And, with the success of this awesome band and her continuous appearances on Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issues, this goddess will continue to garner much deserved love. And, she is without a shadow of a doubt a perfect choice to be May 2014's Hot Asian Girl of the Month!!