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Horror Crush: Lucy Martin

It's time to induct another talented beauty into the Horror Crush section! And, this around we are going to induct a newer actress that has stepped into the genre. That lady being the gorgeous Lucy Martin, who is already gained a huge fan in me. 

Lucy Martin is a British actress, who was born in Solihull, West Midlands. She is the third of four children. Martin is most well known for playing Ingrid on the History Channel series Vikings. I have to be honest in saying I have never really watched that show. So my introduction to her came from her appearance in the recent body horror flick The Seed.

The Seed tells the gory tale of three, beautiful friends who head off to the Mojave Desert to livestream a meteor shower. They stay at the house of the father of one of them, Heather (Sophie Vavasseur). It all seems to indicate that this will be a fun weekend. One which will also be great for their social media. But, this being a sci-fi\ horror flick, shit soon turns bad, and the fun times instead end being filled with alien terror, body horror, slime, gore, and gross orgies! In words, it is total fun for everyone!

If you have been longing for a new sex and slime movie after the void left by Brian Yuzna's Society look no further folks! This flick gets progressively weirder and more disgusting, while somehow always looking beautiful and not just cause of the three lovely ladies in it, including, of course, Ms. Martin. But, we'll get back to her in a bit. Anyway, it is suffice to say, for now, that they are all quite good in the acting department. The movie is also funny, with some deliciously dark humor at times. I'm really disappointed that it isn't getting the love that it should be. The way that it mixes laughs, hot babes, aliens, slime filled sex orgies, vomiting, bloody violence, and gruesome body horror, this ought-to be hailed as future cult favorite!

Martin plays Deidre a popular social media influencer who is there to stream the weekend for her viewers. She is perfect in her role, which mixes bitchiness, sexiness, and attitude with a good dose of humor and fun. She looks fantastic in a bikini and, like the other two leading ladies, isn't afraid to get covered in gore and go full gross-out mode.

I absolutely loved The Seed! It's one of my favorite movies this year, so far. Gorgeous, sexy, talented, and adding much fun to this splatter filled movie and role, Martin is fucking awesome! With just this role, she has already become a favorite of mine. She has a great acting future ahead of her, and I really hope she returns to the horror genre and soon! Regardless, with only this genre credit under her belt, currently, its more than enough to induct Lucy Martin into Horror Crushes!